Blue Q

Blue Q produces eco-friendly items that are made from 95% recycled post-consumer materials and donates 1% of their sales to the conservation work of the Nature Conservancy.  These items not only look great, they are extremely durable and useful for everyday life through the company’s emphasis on great quality.



Brier Design (Leslie Brier)

Leslie Brier is a mixed media artist and freelance graphic designer. She loves to hunt through thrift stores and salvage yards to find items that have been cast off because they are no longer considered beautiful or useful, and give them a new identity. She lives in Fredericksburg, Virginia with her husband and two children.



Cirello Jewelry

Cirello is a partnership of artisans inspired by life and culture, dedicated to quality craftsmanship and conscious of the well-being of our environment. All jewelry is made by a group of San Diego based artisans from hand selected pieces of reclaimed stainless steel. Made 100% in America.



Designs by T (Terresa Buelow)

Designs by T features bright, colorful and shiny bracelets made from sterling silver, semi-precious stones, turquoise, and glass beads woven with leather or silk bands.   Each bracelet is uniquely its own with a range of colors and styles that are sure to fit anyone’s style.



Icy Grape Incident

Icy Grape Incident Clothing brings original graffiti inspired artworks to high quality t-shirts.  Owner, Tony Sementelli, joined a few of his fellow local artists 2 years ago on a journey to launch their own clothing line and never looked back.



 Nightmare Inc.

Nightmare Inc. Apparel is a clothing company based in Fredericksburg and established in 2008 by Massaponax High School graduate, Ryan Payne.,  With strong ties to horror and bedtime terrors, you’ll be daydreaming of ways to get this brand.



 Refined Creations (Lisa Latendress)

Artist and designer Lisa Latendress handcrafts jewelry using silver precious metal clay (PMC) in a way that is described as “organic” and “rustic”. Each piece of silver is free-formed, hand-carved, or created from one of her hand-crafted mold designs; many of her one-of-a-kind designs bear words of wisdom and inspiration.




Somaphony joins us from Washington, D.C. with artist Nate Lewis.  Inspired by the Greek words “Soma” and “Phony”, meaning body and sound, his designs fuse human anatomy and musical instruments as wearable art.




Yanina Angelini, the artist and designer behind UnTietled, creates wearable art from vintage ties, buttons, brooches and lace. Giving new life to beautiful things that already hold a history, she spends time working with each tie designing and hand-stitching them into unique, one-of-a-kind neck-pieces.


Silvia White

Since she was a young girl, Sylvia White has always loved fashion, jewelry, craft and travel. Although a native of Brazil, Sylvia has been living in the United States for over 20 years. She makes jewelry using gems and many materials from Brazil, the United States and different parts of the world. Her favorite design is the wire crochet with semi precious gems and stones.  She enjoys creating jewelry for all ages and styles.



Wrapagain LLC is an eco-friendly company that makes wrapping paper out of fabric so that it is reusable and helps save paper.  When you wrap a gift with wrapagain you are giving not only the gift, but the fabric for that person use as their next wrapping paper.  Wrapagains are available in a variety colors and themes to fit any occasion.  Start saving today.


Zakk Davis

Young teen, Zakk Davis fashions recycled jewelry from aluminum can tabs and elastic. He creates bracelets, necklaces, and belts using this method and enjoys making accessories for all types of people.