Joshua Barber

Joshua Barber is a painter of contemporary icons and landscapes who uses hand-weathered paper and woods as a medium for much of his work, as well as acrylic with oil and pencil detailing.  His work is often characterized as darkly humorous and dreamlike.  He draws inspiration from his own experiences and expresses his fears, dreams, and hopes through his work.

Nicholas Candela

Nicholas Candela is a local mixed media artist and teacher.  His images are frequently informed byvarious elements of American culture, both past and present.  Nick is currently exploring found surfaces such as discarded wood panels and signs as substrates for his mixed media artworks.  

Daniel Christie

Daniel Christie is a local ceramics artist who recently opened a new studio in King George.  He draws inspiration for his work from utilitarian vessels and the idea of creating something that is balanced and complete.  These colorful pieces range from handmade mugs and teapots to large serving dishes, all engraved with a unique design.

Adam DeSio

Adam DeSio, a Fredericksburg artist, works with oil and acrylic painting, photography, digital art, and print making.  His work finds new ways of looking at the things all around us while creatively interpreting his experiences. “My goal is to create a piece of art every day, find new ways of looking at things, capture the things I see and experience around me in a unique way.

Ginger Huebner

Ginger Huebner is an artist based out of Asheville, NC who works primarily with encaustic painting—applying melted bees wax to a prepared surface, usually wood, and using metal tools and special brushes to manipulate the wax.   Her work expresses an interpretation and appreciation of the natural world through this use of layering and texture.

Rob Landeck

Rob Landeck is a local Fredericksburg artist who currently has a studio at Liberty Town Arts Workshop downtown.  Music is a huge inspiration for him, which can be seen in his paintings that include different instruments and performers.  His mixing of colors and shapes creates harmony and unity in his work that conveys an emotional response to his pieces.

Reuben Strangelove

Reuben’s two favorite pie flavors are blueberry and honey bee, although it does not come up in his work often. When not sniffing window seals he likes to fabricate illuminated artwork using bright colorful lighting. He is a jack of all trades driven by creativity, wanting to touch the stars, and enthrallment with colorful lighting, symbolic imagery, and production. mmm 3.14!