June is Pride Month at PONSHOP


PONSHOP Studio and Gallery is celebrating Pride Month in support our LGBTQ community here in Fredericksburg. We're hosting a mini art show featuring a limited edition print titled "Show Your Colors" by Margeaux Ducoing (above), as well as rainbow-themed postcards by Elliot and EvelynJoin Us for the Opening Reception, Friday June 7 (6-9pm)

Call For Artists: Remixed 7 Vinyl Album Art Show


Submission Delivery Dates: Saturday, July 20 through Friday, July 26. *NOTE: PONSHOP will have abbreviated hours from Tuesday July 23-Thursday July 25 (10am-2pm) and Closed Saturday July 27.

Pick Up of Unaccepted Work: Wednesday, July 31

Opening Receptions: Friday, August 2 (6-9pm) & Friday, September 6 (6-9pm)

Exhibition Dates: August 2- September 28, 2019

Artwork Retrieval: Sunday, September 29 (11am-5pm) through Tuesday October 1

PONSHOP Studio is excited to announce our annual “Remixed” exhibition for August and September of 2019. We’ve rescued stacks of old 12” vinyl records, wiped the dust off and, with the artists help, will turn them into something that people will continue to enjoy—a fun and original work of art. “Remixed 7” is the seventh annual vinyl album art show at PONSHOP and one of our most popular community exhibits. All ages and skill levels are invited to participate in this two-month show.

Submission Requirements: All artists must use the pre-mounted vinyl albums that we provide and all work must be for sale. Submit your best work! The gallery reserves the right to reject artwork based on quality: uniqueness and creativity, craftsmanship, and execution. Entries must be original creations of the artist – no reproductions of others artwork. 

Entry Conditions: All artwork must be for sale. Artwork cannot have a retail price exceeding $150. PONSHOP retains 50% of all sales on works exhibited throughout the duration of the exhibit. Artists will be reimbursed within 30 days of the exhibition closing. 

 Artists are responsible for acquiring insurance on their own artwork. Although PONSHOP will take great care in the hanging and display of artwork, the gallery will not be held responsible for items on exhibit. 

 Artwork delivered after Friday, July 26 will NOT be accepted. Artwork delivered that is not dry, of poor assembly, is incomplete, or exceeds the boundaries of the vinyl record (see diagram below) will NOT be accepted. 

 Artwork picked up after Tuesday, October 1 will incur a storage fee of $10 per day. This will be enforced. Artwork not retrieved by October 15 will become property of PONSHOP.

Entry Procedure: There’s an entry fee of $18 per vinyl album, with a limit of two submissions per artist. Artists may register online or pay the entry fee at our storefront to receive their ready-to-hang record. The gallery will not ship records to prospective artists. 

Delivery: Artists are to complete the Entry Form and return it with finished artwork by Friday July 26. Artwork must have entry tags securely taped to the back of the corresponding record. Artists are responsible for transporting their work to and from the gallery.

Second Annual Art for Park Exhibit Announced


PONSHOP Studio is excited to announce the second annual “Art for Park” exhibit – a skateboard art show to benefit the Fredericksburg Skate Park Project. Up to fifty local and national artists have transformed the standard street skateboard deck into a work of art for the walls (or for wheels).

 “Art for Park” is a celebration of skateboard art and culture. What better way to rally our community than by having artists give their voice on what has, over the past sixty years, become an iconic symbol of youth culture, recreation and rebellion. The annual “Art for Park” exhibition series is a sustained effort to raise awareness of the importance of skateboarding as both an art form and recreation and to promote the Fredericksburg Skate Park Project. Initiated in 2013, this organization is dedicated to improving the existing skate spot at Brooks Park and promoting a safe and friendly public park for the entire community. Recently, the Fredericksburg Skate Park Project launched a community survey for the public to help in this process: http://bit.ly/fxBGprk

Five Dollars of every Artist Registration and 20% of all deck sales will benefit the park initiative.  Since 2018, the “Art for Park” art exhibition series has raised over $1,000 for the park initiative.

First Friday Opening Reception: Friday, April 5 (6pm-9pm) 

Exhibition Dates: April 5-28

Call for Artists: 2nd Annual "Art for Park" Skateboard Show


PONSHOP Studiois pleased to announce the return of “Art for Park”, a community art exhibition, whose goal is to raise funds for building a new skateboard park in the Fredericksburg region. Artists are charged with adorning a standard street skateboard provided by PONSHOP and we encourage all participating artists to join us for the opening reception on April 5.

“Art for Park” will be a celebration of skateboard art and culture with a portion of sales going to support the Fredericksburg Skate Park Project. Initiated in 2013, this organization has been dedicated to improving the existing skate spot at St. Claire Brooks Memorial Park and promoting a safe and friendly public park for the entire community. We have a soft spot for Brooks Park, but the existing wood and steel ramps are outdated, weathered, and in desperate need of a renovation. With this exhibition, we hope to raise awareness of the importance of skateboarding as both art form and recreation and promote the Fredericksburg Skate Park Project’s mission.

Deadline for Submissions: Thursday, March 28 – Sunday, March 31 

First Friday Opening Reception: Friday, April 5 (6pm-9pm)

Exhibition Dates: Friday, April 5- Sunday, April 28

Artwork Retrieval: Sunday, April 28 – Monday, April 29

Submission Requirements

All artists must use the blank skateboard decks that PONSHOP provides at registration and all work must be for sale. Submit your best work! The gallery reserves the right to reject artwork based on quality, uniqueness and creativity, craftsmanship, and execution. Entries must be original creations of the artist – no reproductions of others artwork.  Upon receipt of completed artwork, PONSHOP will equip each deck with a fishing line through the truck holes for wall hanging. The “underside” (or convex side) of the skateboard deck is typically the side to be adorned.  All submissions must be intended to hang on the gallery walls (please refer to additional illustrations).


Entry Conditions

All artwork must be for sale. Artwork cannot have a retail price exceeding $300; artwork listed above $300 will automatically be decreased to $300. PONSHOP retains 40% of all sales, with an additional 20% going to the Fredericksburg Skate Park Project. Should your skateboard sell, artists will retain 40% of the total retail price, which will be paid within 30 days of the exhibition closing (April 28). This exhibit is limited to 40 artist entries.

Artists are responsible for acquiring insurance on their own artwork. Although PONSHOP will take great care in the hanging and display of artwork, the gallery will not be held responsible for items on exhibit. Artwork delivered that is not dry, of poor assembly, or is incomplete will NOT be accepted. 

Entry Procedure

The entry fee is $40 (plus tax), which includes one blank skateboard and a $5 donation to the Fredericksburg Skate Park Project. Entries are limited to one skateboard per artist. Artists can register and pay the entry fee either in store or on our website and choose whether you’d like your blank board to be shipped to you or to leave it at PONSHOP’s storefront for free pick-up. Keep in mind that shipping to and from the gallery is the responsibility of the artist; if you ship your art to us, you must include a return shipping label or we will contact you after the exhibition to collect the cost of shipping from you. 


Artwork must be delivered between Thursday, March 28- Sunday, March 31. Work delivered outside of these time windows will not be accepted, unless shipping is delayed or you are given permission to deliver late (or early) by gallery staff. Artwork must include a label with the title, medium, artist’s name as you’d like it to be displayed, and the retail price for the art. Retail Priceis the price the art will be listed for sale, not the 40% consignment that you will receive after the conclusion of the exhibition. 

Artwork Pick-Up

Hand-delivered unsold artwork must be picked up between Sunday, April 28 and Monday, April 29. Skateboards shipped to the gallery must include a return shipping label or you will be contacted for shipping reimbursement. Artwork picked up after Saturday, May 5will incur a storage fee of $10 per day. This willbe enforced. All Artists will be notified via email by April 29 regarding artwork sales. 

8th Annual Jewelry Show


Opening Reception: Friday, February 1, 2019 (6-9pm)

Exhibition Dates: February 1 – March 31, 2019

 PONSHOP Studio and Gallery is pleased to announce our eighth annual jewelry show for the months of February and March showcasing the work of eight jewelry artists.  The opening receptions will be Friday, February 1 from 6-9pm.

Each artist brings their own unique style to the mix at PONSHOP, using materials such as semi-precious stones, wood & resin, copper, sterling silver & gold, found objects, stainless steel, and enamel. 

 Our jewelry exhibition features latest pieces from our favorite local jewelers: Cindy Liebel, Leslie Brier, Terresa Buelow, Lisa Latendress, Trish Schornagel and James Williamson. In addition, the show includes regional and national artists Elaine B and Lauren Pratt.

"Promise" Art Installation at Hartwood Elementary School


Gabriel Pons was commissioned by Hartwood Elementary School to create a 27 foot-long mural for their administrative office that embodies the “spirit” of the school. Above is a time lapse video showing the process from start to finish.

The mural reads:

“We are a community of dedicated and determined teachers who believe that students thrive in an environment that is inclusive, safe, purposeful, respectful, collaborative, engaging, and responsive.

Kids come first in our family and we strive for a stimulating learning experience that provides young minds with a creative spark and a nurturing environment where they can excel as children and be free to explore on their own or as a team all that our world has to offer. Curiosity, tenacity, empathy coupled with a supportive, hard-working and hands-on curriculum is key to cultivating success. We are invested in our future and believe that enduring relationships are built upon a foundation of trust, honesty, respect, patience, devotion, and charity.  Students are encouraged to grow together and learn from one another as an integrated community devoted to exploring science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics, traveling the world and understanding our place in history because we are the future.”

PONSHOP extends are thanks to the faculty and staff of Hartwood Elementary for their sustained efforts in making Hartwood Elementary such a stimulating, incusive and engaging school.

Printed Matter Group Show


Opening Reception: Friday, October 5 (6-9pm)

Exhibition Dates: October 5 – December 31, 2018

PONSHOP Studio and Gallery is excited to showcase art prints contributed from a variety of local and regional artists including: Jenna Andersen (Williamsburg, VA) The Wild Wander (Richmond, VA) Christopher Limbrick (Richmond, VA), Margeaux Ducoing (Fredericksburg, VA), Elliot & Evelyn (Fredericksburg, VA) and PONSHOP owner Gabriel Pons.  The gallery will feature framed and unframed original art prints on circulation throughout the duration of the exhibition.

Elliot & Evelyn

I don't believe art has to convey deep meaning to be valuable. We all enjoy a beautiful face or painting, At the same time, of late, it's the relevance in the stories behind my work that evoke deeper emotion. My illustrations are inspired by stories that resonate with me or with subjects I'm fervently passionate about. Creativity has always been a place of healing and expression for me. I think that's typical for artists. We tell our stories and hope they resonate with others.

Margeaux Ducoing

Margeaux Ducoing is a fine artist, illustrator, and graphic designer who currently resides in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Born in California and raised in Louisiana, Margeaux graduated from the University of Mary Washington with Bachelor’s Degrees in Studio Art and Music with a minor in Museum Studies. Margeaux’s art focuses on her investigations of symbolism using animal imagery. Utilizing a variety of pencil and ink-based mediums, she explores themes like common life experiences, human interactions, relationships, and personal struggles, as depicted through her animal forms.

 Jenna Andersen

Jenna Andersen is an artist, illustrator, and designer from Virginia, USA. She earned her BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2015 with a degree in Communication Arts. She enjoys drawing themes of lush plant life, adventure, and mystery. Her works are evocative of a narrative, but there is never a “right” answer as to what is happening. She hopes that the audience will create their own stories and worlds from her artworks.

The Wild Wander

The Wild Wander creates art prints, paper goods, and gifts featuring the original artwork of Richmond, Virginia based illustrator Clara Cline. Following in the footsteps of early American naturalists, it's inspired by dusty libraries, cluttered studies full of artifacts, and an abiding curiosity for forgotten history and the natural world. She is passionate about preserving the natural beauty we enjoy, and committed to sustainable design. As a maker, she feels an obligation to create products ethically with respect to both people and the environment. Her hope is that the Wild Wander line balances affordability and sustainability with thoughtful design, and inspires folks to explore and cherish the world around them. 

Christopher Limbrick

“Urban City” is my newest collection of composite work that fuses the natural elements with the grit of the streets.  Each work begins with a photograph that captures the essence of day-to-day life in the city. This photograph is then reduced to a monochrome line art drawing with additional elements sometimes added by hand to create distortion or the exaggeration of certain elements. The “urban” image is then overlaid onto a digitized version of an abstract work that was painted by hand.  The painting represents the natural environment focusing on the elements: earth, air, water, and fire. It ignores any linear function while providing the color, the gradients and contrast to the whole image.

Scarlettwares Launches Signature Ceramics on Amazon.com


Scarlett Pons, co-owner of PONSHOP Studio (Fredericksburg, Virginia) and owner of Scarlettwares, a ceramic design company, has recently launched a line of signature kitchen items on Amazon.com.

For the past year, Scarlett has been collaborating with Edward Weiner of Maryland China Co. based out of Reisterstown, Maryland to bring three of her exclusive ceramic designs into production to sell on a larger commercial platform. The process began with sending a sample and drawings of each piece to Maryland China Co. who then selected an appropriate ceramic manufacturer in Asia with the right expertise to make the item out of stoneware clay.


The three designs that Scarlett launched are the Single Sponge Holder, Double Sponge Holder and the Sponge and Brush Holder. It took several sample trials and many months to perfect the items. Each piece is a beautifully crafted ceramic form made from a white stoneware clay body and finished with a clear glaze, giving each sponge holder a clean and contemporary look. The sponge holders are a definitive kitchen must have - not only thoughtfully designed by a local artist, but functional as well.  Her first order arrived in Fredericksburg this summer and she officially launched on Amazon.com on August 22.


Scarlett Pons has worked as a professional potter in Fredericksburg for the past thirteen years, growing her ceramic business out of her and her husband’s store, PONSHOP Studio, in downtown Fredericksburg. She has also been marketing her handmade ceramics online for the past eight years via her Etsy Shop. The popularity of her handmade sponge holders inspired her to take them to a production level.


Launching on Amazon as an artist and designer with a private label item is a big step and challenge for this local business owner. The success of an item is dependent on those early sales and reviews. It takes a minimum of five reviews of each item to begin to break through the Amazon “ice” and local hometown support is a big help in launching these products.

Direct Link to Scarlettwares on Amazon.com

Amazon Search: ‘scarlettwares sponge holder’

Website www.scarlettwares.com

Wholesale Inquiries Welcome

Remixed 6 Vinyl Album Art Show


Opening Receptions: First Fridays, August 3 and September 7 (6-9pm)
Exhibition Dates:August 3- September 29, 2018

PONSHOP Studio and Gallery is pleased to announce our 14th community art exhibition in August and September of 2018. “Remixed 6” features original artwork using 12” vinyl record albums. The exhibit includes over thirty participating artists work on this unconventional canvas. The opening reception for September's “Remixed 6” Exhibit will be Friday, September 7 (6-9pm).

*Due to popular response, we've "Held Over" our Call for Artists.  Artists can still participate in September's Exhibit.  Click Here to Register.

This is the sixth year of the “Remixed” vinyl-themed show and PONSHOP has received an overwhelming response from local artists. As of this press release, the gallery has issued over thirty albums to be adorned by over twenty artists. This community art show has proven to be a great addition to the gallery’s exhibition schedule, involving artists of all backgrounds and also boasting affordable artworks for the home or office ranging from $25-$150. “Remixed 6” is curated by gallery owners Scarlett and Gabriel Pons.