Printed Matter Group Show


Opening Reception: Friday, October 5 (6-9pm)

Exhibition Dates: October 5 – December 31, 2018

PONSHOP Studio and Gallery is excited to showcase art prints contributed from a variety of local and regional artists including: Jenna Andersen (Williamsburg, VA) The Wild Wander (Richmond, VA) Christopher Limbrick (Richmond, VA), Margeaux Ducoing (Fredericksburg, VA), Elliot & Evelyn (Fredericksburg, VA) and PONSHOP owner Gabriel Pons.  The gallery will feature framed and unframed original art prints on circulation throughout the duration of the exhibition.

Elliot & Evelyn

I don't believe art has to convey deep meaning to be valuable. We all enjoy a beautiful face or painting, At the same time, of late, it's the relevance in the stories behind my work that evoke deeper emotion. My illustrations are inspired by stories that resonate with me or with subjects I'm fervently passionate about. Creativity has always been a place of healing and expression for me. I think that's typical for artists. We tell our stories and hope they resonate with others.

Margeaux Ducoing

Margeaux Ducoing is a fine artist, illustrator, and graphic designer who currently resides in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Born in California and raised in Louisiana, Margeaux graduated from the University of Mary Washington with Bachelor’s Degrees in Studio Art and Music with a minor in Museum Studies. Margeaux’s art focuses on her investigations of symbolism using animal imagery. Utilizing a variety of pencil and ink-based mediums, she explores themes like common life experiences, human interactions, relationships, and personal struggles, as depicted through her animal forms.

 Jenna Andersen

Jenna Andersen is an artist, illustrator, and designer from Virginia, USA. She earned her BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2015 with a degree in Communication Arts. She enjoys drawing themes of lush plant life, adventure, and mystery. Her works are evocative of a narrative, but there is never a “right” answer as to what is happening. She hopes that the audience will create their own stories and worlds from her artworks.

The Wild Wander

The Wild Wander creates art prints, paper goods, and gifts featuring the original artwork of Richmond, Virginia based illustrator Clara Cline. Following in the footsteps of early American naturalists, it's inspired by dusty libraries, cluttered studies full of artifacts, and an abiding curiosity for forgotten history and the natural world. She is passionate about preserving the natural beauty we enjoy, and committed to sustainable design. As a maker, she feels an obligation to create products ethically with respect to both people and the environment. Her hope is that the Wild Wander line balances affordability and sustainability with thoughtful design, and inspires folks to explore and cherish the world around them. 

Christopher Limbrick

“Urban City” is my newest collection of composite work that fuses the natural elements with the grit of the streets.  Each work begins with a photograph that captures the essence of day-to-day life in the city. This photograph is then reduced to a monochrome line art drawing with additional elements sometimes added by hand to create distortion or the exaggeration of certain elements. The “urban” image is then overlaid onto a digitized version of an abstract work that was painted by hand.  The painting represents the natural environment focusing on the elements: earth, air, water, and fire. It ignores any linear function while providing the color, the gradients and contrast to the whole image.