March's Art for Park Event


Art for Park: Art Benefit for a New Fredericksburg Skate Park

PONSHOP Studio is pleased to host “Art for Park” – a skateboard art show to benefit the Fredericksburg Skate Park Project.  For this two-month community art exhibit, over fifty local and national artists will transform the standard street skateboard deck into a work of art for the walls (or for wheels).


“Art for Park” is a celebration of skateboard art and culture. What better way to rally the community than by having artists give their voice on what has, over the past thirty years, become an iconic symbol of youth culture and recreation.  This is PONSHOP’s eleventh community art exhibit and we are collaborating with Magic Bullet Records and Skateboards and the Fredericksburg Skate Park Project to rally community support for a better place to skate in the city.


We have a soft spot for the Saint Clair Brooks Memorial Park - the existing wood and steel ramps and concrete surfaces are dilapidated, weathered, and in desperate need of a renovation. “Art for Park” is the beginning of a sustained effort to raise awareness of the importance of skateboarding as both art form and recreation and to promote the Fredericksburg Skate Park Project. Initiated in 2013, this organization is dedicated to improving the existing skate spot at Brooks Park and promoting a safe and friendly public park for the entire community.

March’s exhibit will feature over a dozen custom-painted decks by local and national artists.  April’s show will include over fifty submissions from emerging and professional artists. Five Dollars of every Artist Registration and 20% of all deck sales will benefit the park initiative.

March Exhibition

First Friday Opening Reception: Friday, March 2 (6-9pm)
Exhibition Dates: March 2 – April 29

April Exhibition
First Friday Opening Reception: Friday, April 6 (6pm-9pm)
Exhibition Dates: April 6-29
Artwork Retrieval: Monday, April 30 – Tuesday, May 1