New Medusa Decks by PONSHOP

I finally finished up a new deck design for the Spring/Summer PONSHOP shop deck series. After countless smaller studies on wood block and canvas, I followed through and executed the MONO (pronounced moe-no) Medusa graphic on a skateboard deck. Decks are available at the PONSHOP Studio (916 Liberty Street, Fredericksburg, VA) of course, as well as Fredericksburg Skateboards (604 Caroline Street, Fredericksburg, VA).

All decks are made with North American Hard Rock Maple and come in three widths: 7.5" , 7.75", and 8.0"
All artwork is done by Gabriel Pons of the PONSHOP
Price: $45 w/griptape
If interested in purchasing, contact me at These decks are made to skate, so for all you rippers out there that want some good wood and original artwork under your feet, stop by check 'em out! -G