Fredericksburg Summer Fun: Building Guru Class

Gabriel Pons spent two weeks in July participating in the Summer Fun Festival organized by Fredericksburg Parks and Recreation. "Summer Fun" is a ten-day camp for children ages pre-school through 6th grade and allows kids to explore creative activities such as painting, kite-making, model making, cooking, and more. He taught a class called "Building Guru" which introduced students to the fundamentals of architecture and design. Throughout the week, children drew maps, made cardboard houses, constructed wooden bridges, and developed neighborhood streets. Below are some photos from the last day of classes, check it out:

Students in grades K-3 not only created a home from cardboard and paper, but created a neighborhood street too.
Students in grades 4-6 learned what makes a successful bridge stand up to heavy loads.

Thanks to all the kids and their parents for such a memorable summer camp experience. Special thanks to all staff and teacher aides for their organization and hard work.

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