Winter Workshops: Skate to Create/Intro to Street Art

Bitter cold, strong winds, and darkness by 5:00 didn't stop my students from kicking out some creative designs this winter. Sure, there are challenges to spray painting outside in cold weather, but that's all part of it - adapt and overcome (and have some fun at it...)
Below are some snapshots from my "Skate to Create" and "Intro to Street Art" winter sessions. These guys worked hard and it shows in the finished product. Congratulations! and hopefully we'll see you again this spring....

Skate to Create: David's first skateboard is self-made. He drew and cut all is stencils and selected and sprayed his favorite colors (above and below). Click images to enlarge.

Intro to Street Art: (below) Brad had a 48"x24" board to attack with paint, spray paint, markers and paint pens. After learning the fundamentals of stencil-making, he went at it 110% - working non-stop until the end of the workshop. Good job Bradley, see you soon.

Josh (below) is a guitar rocker and took that energy to his board by carving up some letters with the fundamental outline and fill. He then made a two piece stencil to adorn the top of the "Kelly". Check his progress below...

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