Intro To Street Art: March 2009

Below are some pics of the most recent student work from the "Intro To Street Art" Workshop. I've been getting some really great kids who are motivated and excited about learning something new. For a current PONSHOP class schedule (April thru June) Click Here.
Sarah sketched up her piece on 8.5x11 paper first before hitting the board with both acrylic and spray paint.

Making lines and carving out fills is a fundamental of working with spray paint.

Sarah incorporated a stencil to create the sneaker/leg detail (above).

Kelly emulated one of her favorite Manga artists "Bleach" by making a silhouette of a character. Both text and graphic are achieved with paper stencils.

Even a seemingly straight forward shape has to be translated into a stencil design for a successful application: the paper must hold itself together to retain the desired pattern.