The Lost City #1 - Behind the Scenes

"The Lost City #1" (detail), Mixed Media on Wood, 12"x36" $800.

July, 2009: As a follow up to the "Pagoda" Skateboard Decks I initiated in June, above is a detail of my most recent painting, "The Lost City #1". As many of my friends and colleagues already know, my background in architectural drafting and model making was how I got into making stencils in the first place. By the same token, my architecture education made me pretty obsessive when it comes down to doing this stuff (painting, drawing,etc.). Below is the completed painting (left) with a composite drawing of my stencil layers (right). Click images to enlarge.
One thing I really enjoy about turning my sketches into a mixed media painting is that I can use all of my arsenal (collage, acrylic paint, spray paint) to achieve the desired image. In a lot ways, the mixed media painting has informed me on how I can approach the stenciled deck series differently.

"The Lost City #1" will be on display at Art First Gallery for the month of July - check it!