Intro to Street Art Workshop: July 2009

July's "Intro to Street Art" workshop boasted some of the hardest working students to date. Not only did they bring fresh new ideas to the table, they also worked overtime on their pieces to take them to the next level. Nice work students!

Trey did a contemporary take on the traditional silhouette figures using collage and stencils.
He paints up the background during the final session...

Detail (click image to enlarge)
Mira created a cool "Twilight Zone" style cat using spray paint and stencils.She sprays on the final layer of black onto the stencil (above).Detail (click image to enlarge)

Josh came to the first class full of ideas, enthusiasm, and a whole kit of tools at the ready. His piece (above) was executed with wheat paste collage, acrylic, and spray paint with stencils.
Josh's sketches and notes (above) kept his work on point and on schedule...Detail (click image to enlarge)

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