Open Paint Event

August 21, 2009: Agio Clothing and Spaghetti Project hosted an "Open Paint" event at the University Cafe a couple weeks ago. Three artists from the region (including myself) got their paint on for three hours while the crowd moved to the DJ sounds from Turnstyle (Richmond, VA). There was even a communal canvas going on which got visitors up on stage too. I apologize for the lack of pics - but hey I was busy working... To view more, click this link to FredPicture, a photo blog of the Fred-burg or hit up Agio's Blog.

Special thanks to all those who came out that night and watched, painted, and gave me a hand with all my stuff! Congrats to the Agio guys and Spaghetti Project as well as the other participating artists:

Sean Kelly ( Spark Plug Tattoo/Fredericksburg)
Jack Ladadi (VCU/Richmond)
Jeremy Gann (Liquid Air/Fredericksburg)

Jack Ladadi's piece (click to enlarge)

The truly "Open Canvas" - painted on by many throughout the night...

Jeremy Gann's cityscape included some LED action too...
I did up this collage piece that night and it's hanging at the University Cafe for the month of September:
"Grasshopper #1", Mixed Media on Canvas, 24"x36" $275.