Skate to Create: April 2010

Spring ushered in another motivated crop of students for the PONSHOP Skate to Create class. Students Savant and Megan got creative, worked hard, and most of all had fun during this workshop. Below are some pics from April's class. Good work ladies...

After a debriefing on the history of skateboard graphics as well as showing students some examples, students got right to work sketching up their designs.

From sketches, we "translate" their designs into stencils, so that they can articulate (and hopefully repeat) their graphic.

Savant cut up this intricate pattern with a drippy form for her deck.
Megan's skate deck mixed up several layers of tiger stripes for a 3-D effect.

We continue to teach classes to both children and adults in Ceramics, Mixed Media, Skateboard Design, Architecture and more. For a current PONSHOP class schedule , Click Here.