Progress Photos: The Upward Spiral...

I've been working on a public art piece for Downtown Fredericksburg. The "Beautify the Burg" project incorporates six local artists' work to be installed on Caroline Street (800 Block next to Bangkok Cafe). This project is made possible by a grant awarded to the Fredericksburg DRMI on behalf of a Public Arts initiative by the city's Department of Economic Development Authority, and the Fredericksburg Arts Commission.

Below is the progress of the 40"x56" panel I've been working on. The participating artists are Jay D. Anderson, Milvi Gill, Brandon Newton, Elizabeth Seaver, and Kristi Zerull.

The centrifugal writing are words both inspired by music lyrics and other things bouncing around in my head when I paint. I've been getting back into incorporating handwritten text - something I haven't done since my last sketchbook in 2008.

Classic Gabe Pons work process - spend all this time writing and then cover it up with paint...

I also cut a 2-layer stencil for the painting: a 36" round labyrinth pattern.

One of the PONSHOP summer interns, Sidney, helped me cut and "bridge" the stencils.

"Grasshopper #3" detail
So What does the finished painting look like? come to the public unveiling on Friday July 2 at 6pm.