Square City

In September 2010, PONSHOP will transform their gallery walls to reflect the richness, diversity, and life emerging from cities of the past, present, and future. PONSHOP invites artists working in all two-dimensional media to participate in “Square City”, a regional juried exhibition. Below are the two page of the entry form for artists interested in participating.

This exhibit is open to all artists (professional and emerging) in the Northern Virginia Region. “Two dimensional” artwork is inclusive of mediums including but not limited to: painting, drawing, mixed media, photography, ceramics, and mosaics. All artwork must be hand delivered to the gallery.

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The City as the Theme
City: (noun) A center of population, commerce, and culture; a town of significant size and importance.
What does the city evoke in you? Is it merely the streets and structures, or is it the people and culture that inspire? This exhibition challenges artists to explore all dimensions of the city - both real and imaginary, near and far, with the intention of celebrating the epicenters of civililzation.
If you have any questions regarding this show or would like to be included on the mailing list for notice of future exhibition opportunities, please contact us at event[at]ponshopstudio.com