Icy Grape Incident Clothing at PONSHOP

Men's "Handstyle" tees (charcoal, gold, black) $22 each

We're happy to announce that we've added Icy Grape Incident Clothing to the racks at PONSHOP. Inspired by a Graffiti-influenced upbringing, Icy Grape Incident owner Tony Sementelli and his fellow artists took the leap into embarking on their own clothing line and never looked back. Below are more snapshots of what's in the shop. We're looking forward to receiving tees from their artist line soon.

Women's "Handstyle" V-Neck tees (lavender, yellow) $22 each

Children's "Grinding" tees (pink, red) $16 each
Icy Grape Incident wants to bring original street-inspired designs to clothing for the masses without mass-produced nonsense. All designs are original artwork from like-minded contributors. Become a Fan of IGI on Facebook.