Under the Tree for Under $50 (#3)

It's rare to find a mother and 10 year old son that share the same interest in creating handmade accessories. Fortunately, we have an exception to the rule. Designs by T features bright, colorful and shiny bracelets made from sterling silver, semi-precious stones, turquoise, and glass beads woven with leather or silk bands.

For Her: handmade bracelets from Designs by T (starting at $20)

"Upcycled " means recycling and reusing discarded material and creating a higher quality product - thus mitigating the impact on the environment. Here, young Zakk takes aluminum pull tabs and weaves them into cool bracelets and belts for guys and girls.

Wrap Music: Pull Tab Accessories by Zakk ($12-$20)

PONSHOP is proud to be carrying such unique and creative gifts. These pull tab accessories have been a hit this holiday season and has our artist chugging energy drinks to keep making more.