Street Art/Skate to Create: December 2010

Wrapping up 2010's art workshop series was a great duo of kids with a lot of heart and plenty of enthusiasm for creative work. Rama and Sam did up some stencil designs on a vinyl record and skateboard deck, respectively. They started with idea sketches and then developed full scale stencil patterns for spray painting. Check the images below. Nice work boys!

It took some time getting used the shape of a 12-inch vinyl record as a canvas, but soon enough, Rama (photographed in motion) had a direction.

Sam did several variations of his animated character before cutting the stencils.

"Meatwad get the money see.." 3-Layer stencil action on vinyl record for America's most wanted...

Sam used a 2-layer stencil and plenty of color to render this cartoon character on his skate deck.

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