RYS 2011 Painted Violin Project

I  participated in the Rappahannock Youth Symphony Painted Violin Project this past April.  Several local artists were provided with used violins which they can adorn with artwork.  The violins were auctioned off prior to the Spring Concert on May 15 to benefit the RYS.  Contributing artists included: Ruth Ann Loving, Medina Roberts, Milvi Gill, Lori Eggers, and Lisa Cover-Tucci.  Thanks to Megan Belvill, Executive Director of the Rappahannock Youth Symphony for all her efforts in sharing the joy of music with our community.

The theme for my violin contribution came from my experiences living in New York City.  My most memorable experience listening to violin music comes from the New York City Subway.  I recall enjoying a violinist playing on a cold subway platform in January.   The music was beautiful and elegant – a sharp contrast to the rugged and worn subway station.

Thanks to Bill Mason for his generous assistance.  Bill is a profession Luthier (maker of stringed instruments) and helped me by reconstructing the violin once I completed the painting.

Gabriel Pons, The City Consumes Me, Mixed Media on Violin, 2011