"The Art of Recovery" Artist Spotlight: Gayle Tompkins


Gayle Tompkins has been a contributing artist to The Art of Recovery for several years.  Below is a brief statement from Gayle about her work and motivations to create art:

"My name is Gayle Tompkins and I am an artist with mental illness. I entered 2 paintings in this year’s Art of Recovery Show."

"The first [piece] was completed in 2010. Titled, 'Different Roads', it was painted at a time when I was still going in and out of the hospital. I was at a cross roads at the time and I was searching for something. I had many different paths I could choose from.  The path I choose the next year was to join a fellowship. With the help of the fellowship and the friends I made there, I was able to turn my life around."


"It has been over two years now since I was last hospitalized. The second painting was done a year ago. It is called Gayle’s Living Room. I have always had a fascination with furniture and rooms. I have done rooms (bedrooms, kitchens and staircases) in different media. There is a lot of detail and a lot more organization. There is also a picture on the wall of the living room called baby kaleidoscope with is a signature of mine."