Five "High Fives": A Public Thank You


1. Thanks to our fans and clients who we have worked with over the years.  You help us to continue to innovate in our mediums and challenge us to raise the bar each and every time we take on a new project.

2. Thanks to all of the Artists that have contributed to our shop throughout the past five years.  We value the dedication and the caliber of work that we show here and we are proud to showcase your work as representative of our area’s rich culture.

3. High Fives to our past PONSHOP Students and Student Interns!  We’ve taught over 200 Art Classes in the past five years and it has been a rewarding experience to know that we’ve impacted so many kids and adults with our class programs.  The most gratifying aspect of teaching is watching our students mature and continue their trajectory in life with their creative interests.  Also, we value the collaborations we’ve shared with our local schools, churches and universities throughout the years.

4. Thanks to our fellow downtown business owners.  We’re confident that our city’s historic downtown is on an upward trajectory and will continue to inspire entrepreneurs and small business owners to follow their dreams in this city.  Our neighbors have become not only close friends, but colleagues and mentors alike.  We are grateful to open our doors next to such a motivated and driven individuals.

5. Finally ‘Gracias’ to our family, who have been a generous source of support from the day we arrived in Fredericksburg back in 2005.  Thank You for helping us literally build our business brick by brick.