Natural Koncept

Brooks Park: Dude with a Video Camera

Thursday, July 31: Brooks Park was packed with the youth of today shredding their hearts out in anticipation of the Natural Koncept skateboard team's demo. It'll be a while until I get some video footage online from that day, but these stills taken before the demo show some of the "personalities" of the Fredericksburg skate scene. Shout out to Mark Eyestone of Fred Skates for hosting the event and DJ Bredren for bringing some reggae beats for the summer session.

Teddy back from the other side of the planet...
Patiently waiting for the Natural Koncept van to roll through.

B-Fiddy - 'Nuff Said...Mark holds down the fort as the NK guys hit the ramps
DJ Bredren Soundsystem in effectSmithson holds his own and drops hammers all dayKinda like the lineup from The Usual Suspects if Kevin Spacey wore more clothes.