PONSHOP Clothing

PONSHOP is on the Move

Scarlett and I are excited to announce that we’ve acquired a storefront in Downtown Fredericksburg (712 Caroline Street), and will be moving from our studio at LibertyTown this month to have our doors open in our new space in April. The PONSHOP mission remains the same – creating and educating through our respective arts, however we’re expanding to accommodate a retail dimension which will offer up artisan made and eco-friendly items for all. This has been an aspiration of ours since living in New York and we’re happy to be taking such a big step. On behalf of Scarlett and I, we’d like to thank all of the people that we’ve worked with and supported us over the past five years and look forward to strengthening the arts community in Fredericksburg. The new PONSHOP location opens April 2010.

The PONSHOP "Grasshopper" Onesie...

I'm excited to announce that the PONSHOP clothing line has expanded to include baby tees. With our son, Cairo, now at one year old we have no other choice really - he's demanded to wear cooler clothes...Check the photos below:

Cairo modeling the Fall 2009 "Grasshopper" onesie.

Cairo wears original art screen printed on American Apparel clothing:
Size: 12-18 Months Color: Black.

$20 at the PONSHOP (916 Liberty Street, Fredericksburg, VA) $25 to have it shipped to your door...(the tee shirt, not Cairo).