A Few Of Our Favorite Things: October 8, 2010

We’ve just received a new batch of handmade feather earrings from “Bones & Things,” a designer based out of Oakland, California. The earrings range in color and design, some accented with reds and blues, others with more basic tones. Our intern Sarah’s favorite has long white feathers that hang down around the shoulders, topped off with an actual bone around the earring’s hooks. Bones & Things earrings are quickly gaining popularity, so be sure to stop in soon to grab a pair! (prices starting at $28)

We also have new soap scents from the 8th Street Soap Kitchen, located in Washington, DC. These soaps are handcrafted with all natural ingredients that will refresh and moisturize your skin. The one that smells like fresh baked pumpkin pie is our intern Michelle’s favorite this time of year because it complements the fall season. If you want to smell like a “Stud,” we’ve got a soap for you that’s infused with essential oils of cedar. Have trouble getting out of bed in the morning? “Awake” with its three different mint varieties would be a great addition to your morning and a new reason to get out of bed. There’s even a “fido-friendly” soap that’s safe for dogs. A scent for everyone and as the creator’s will tell you, “Good. Clean. Fun.” ($8 each)