Stencil Kit

November 5, 2010: Stencil Kit Release Party

For November's First Friday event on November 5th, PONSHOP's "Do-It-Yourself" Stencil Kit was released to the public. Throughout the night, PONSHOP co-owner Gabriel Pons performed demonstrations where he cut stencils from the kit...

He showed the proper way to cut out stencil designs using razor blades...

...and did some spray painting on the Public Wall in the garden.

Of course, Pons got some help from past students who have taken the PONSHOP "Street Art" classes, some even brought original designs of their own.

By the end of the event, the entire board was covered. Here are some close ups:

The span of the mural wall incorporated a collaboration of designs that speaks to the diversity of Street Art. Thanks to all those that participated.

To try these designs yourself and gain a basic knowledge of stenciling, our Stencil Kit is on sale for $25. This includes six different designs for a total of ten stencils with difficulty levels ranging from beginner to intermediate. Available exclusively at PONSHOP (718 Caroline Street, Fredericksburg, VA).

November First Friday: Stencil Release Party

Nov. 5 2010: We are celebrating November’s First Friday event with the release of the the PONSHOP Stencil Kit I’ve been working on over the past couple months. This “Do It Yourself” book includes six original graphic designs - ten stencils all together ranging from “beginner” to “expert.” Stemming from the excitement over our “Street Art” class exercises, the stencil kit acts as an extension of the course as well as a first-time tutorial for beginners.

I’ll be giving a live demonstration throughout the evening, cutting stencils from the kit and spray painting samples for the crowd. We will also open up the Public Wall in the garden of the PONSHOP that evening and encourage all you stencil artists to stop in and hit up the wall with your own favorite stencils - BYOP means bring your own paint and creativity...

We invite any of you to the public wall of our shop where you can stencil, paint, and draw. Guests have an exclusive evening to participate with their own of spray paint, markers, stickers, wheat paste and more.

In the gallery, featured artists for November include Joshua Barber (mixed media), Rob Landeck (mixed media), Ginger Huebner (mixed media), Adam Desio (acrylic and photography), Reuben Strangelove (illuminated media), and Jeremy Gann (mixed media) as well as Scarlett’s most recent ceramic creations. We are also excited to premiere local artist Bill Harris’s exclusive series of block prints.