Torpedo Factory

From There 2 Here Exhibit

I'm excited to announce that I'll be participating in "From There 2 Here" an art center exhibition exchange celebrating the 35 year anniversary of the Torpedo Factory. "From There 2 Here" will feature ten fellow LibertyTown artists as well as artists from Goggleworks Center for the Arts (Reading, PA) and the Prizery (South Boston, VA).

From There 2 Here Exhibition
Exhibition Dates: September 10-October 18, 2009
Opening Reception: September 10, 6-8pm Gallery Talk: 7pm

For more info, visit the Target Gallery.

"FRESH" Workshop: May 28, 2009

May 28, 2009: I gave a Street Art Workshop at the Torpedo Factory to wrap up the month's "FRESH" exhibition at the Target Gallery. Below is an account of how the afternoon's project went. After the workshop, I participated in a round table discussion with Cory Stowers of Words Beats & Life and fellow artist Marissa Botelho about contemporary graffiti.

9 Door panels were donated to the target gallery for the project - one side included this "Exploit" graffiti piece.The other side of the doors were tagged up - this was to be our canvas...
Moments before the workshop began: Max and Jeff help keep things running smoothly...
The content of our collage was based on the life and legacy of civil rights hero Charles Houston - represented here in a 30"x40" cardboard stencil.
Students layered the existing panels using collage images and text and applying them with wheat paste.
As the panels filled with imagery, other students cut stencils.
6 Panels were taken outdoors to be hit up with spray paint and stencils.
I gave a brief demonstration on techniques and safety tips for using spray paint.
Students then took turns applying spray paint to their stencil designs.

After the panel discussion, participants were encouraged to tag the walls outside of the gallery.
The completed mural on display (click image to enlarge).
Some details (click image to enlarge).

Special thanks to the staff at the Target Gallery and Torpedo Factory. Thanks especially to the participating students for their enthusiasm and hard work. Scarlett and I also want to thank our PONSHOP crew - Jeff Gulick and Max Harvey for their help in assisting us that day.

"FRESH" Exhibition and Upcoming Mural Event

The "FRESH" opening night was fun - we saw some great art at the Target Gallery and had a chance to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones. Below are some more snapshots from that night. I'm excited to announce that I'll be facilitating a mural workshop at the Torpedo Factory on Thursday, May 28. The schedule is as follows:

4-7pm: Gabriel Pons will give a workshop to participating high school students using Street Art techniques including paste-up collage and stencil. Students will use the inspiration of historic civil rights activist, Charles Houston, in this collective effort.

7-7:30pm: Panel Discussion - "The Art of the Tag" including panelists Marissa Botelho and Gabriel Pons.

7:30-7:45pm: Question and Answer session, refreshments to follow. Also, rumor has it that there will be some b-boy breakdancing going on that evening - let's hope it comes through.

"FRESH" runs through May 31st - check it out...
For more information about this even, visit the Target Gallery at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, Virgina.

The Torpedo Factory has several galleries and lots o' art studios...

Scarlett and I made some new friends that evening...
The Sons of BatmanCool formed glass skateboards - "Money Stack", Scott Darlington

My favorites: "AK47", Tara Dumm; "Lead Ballons", Andrew Turner