Whispering Winds

Whispering Weekend....August 2008

I had the pleasure of taking a quick trip down to Norfolk, VA to check out Whispering Winds:
Thom White-vocals, Mike-guitar, Nic-drums, Dan-bass.
Check the clip below - "Rearrange" performed live at The Boot...

Thom gave me some original lyric sheets - I'll make a mint on E-bay in 2020Pinot the cat laying on thousands of dollars of artwork...I had some duties too: photographer, roadie, agent, number one fan...
Thom White is an architect/artist/musician/eccentric/creative fun guy...known him since 1992Thom collects neat stuff: This toy is the the most interesting piece of Pop Culture novelty that I've seen in a while...(check the video below and rock it like a Beverly Hills Cop)