collaborative paintings

Recent Work: August 2009

"Hive Mentality" , Mixed Media on Wood, 16"x20" sold
Summer came and went and I'm still trying to knock off things on my list from May. Here's a painting that has been "simmering" around my studio over the past months and as soon as I finish it, photograph it, and varnish it - the thing's sold....I wish I could get more paintings to turnaround like that...

August also means that we take a trip to Berryville, Virginia to reunite with our family of friends from Virginia Tech
's Architecture program (class of '97 baby!). I pitched in on this collaborative piece below. Can you find the golden mean? This canvas graces the rec room of our good friends Micki and Will who make some pretty beautiful things themselves - click here to visit their site.

Collaborative Canvas 2008-2009, Mixed Media on six canvases, approx 74"x48" Collection of the Martindale Family.