Intro To Street Art: March 2010

March 2010: My "Intro To Street Art" student needed very little introduction to using wheat paste collage, markers, and spray paint to create her own 2-foot by 4-foot masterpiece. Savant a.k.a "Sam" (16 yrs) not only had an opportunity to use new tools and media to express herself, she also got some tips on practicing her lettering, cutting stencil patterns and using spray paint. Check the images below to track her creative process:

After covering her board with collage materials found in comic books and magazines, Savant drew and cut a 4-foot long pattern to be used for the first layer of spray paint.

Once she sprayed her background and "Sam" Stencil, she returned to the painting with a thick marker to highlight elements in the collage.

Her stencil "signature" turned out quite well considering we had to spray it in 35 degree weather...Good Job!

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Mural Workshop: July 2009

July 13-17, 2009: The PONSHOP Student Mural Workshop was a great success. For one week, students had a chance to conceive and execute their ideas on a 12-foot by 8-foot canvas. Below is the (2 part) video chronicle of that week as well as some photos. Congratulations to all the students ( Ben, David, Finn, Johnny, and Jeff) as well as our photographer/videographers Allison and Zeph.

Part One:

Part Two:

From the PONSHOP class listing: "The mural is an effective way of bringing people together to create artwork that is intended for the public realm. This workshop will encourage students to work as a team to conceive and execute a large-scale mural. Imagination, self-expression, and cooperation are the keys to achieving this goal. Students will have access to explore a variety of media (acrylic paint, spray paint, stencils and collage) to adorn their collective wall."

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Intro to Street Art: April 2009

Painting, Spray Painting, Drawing and Cutting - when my students have an idea, I help them use anything it takes to achieve their vision. David's private workshop was no exception. In his series of classes, he had an opportunity to learn some of the fundamentals of making a mixed media piece. Nice Job David! See below for the progress pics....

Students are provided a 48"x24" masonite board that they then prime and begin painting.David used a variety of spray paints to give his background more depth and interest.He used an enlarged copy of his robot sketch for the foreground figure.

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