"Force of Habit" Exhibit Announced

PONSHOP Studio and Gallery will be hosting “Force of Habit” in October featuring new work from J.Coleman, Rob Landeck, and PONSHOP owners Scarlett and Gabriel Pons.

“Force of Habit” presents four artists whose camaraderie grew from the appreciation of each other’s work over the years.  The exhibit highlights each individual artist’s style while recognizing that the creative act is a collective ritual that continues to bond them together as friends and colleagues.

J.Coleman is a Stafford-based painter whose work has been shown throughout the United States and Europe. Coleman’s work renders the human figure monumental on the canvas, painted with a rich color palette and deliberate formalism.

Rob Landeck pulls his inspiration from music and the natural environment. His mixed-media work portrays the inherent harmonies between musicians and their instruments.

Scarlett Pons’s new work explores clay stencils on slab forms. This process allows her to experiment with pattern and imagery influenced by her love of Moroccan architecture. She executes these designs on serving and dinner plates using bold and geometric forms. She has also created a series of ceramic slab bottles adorned with natural patterns and designs.

Gabriel Pons will be exhibiting his latest mixed media paintings, skateboards and custom-painted vinyl records which incorporate layering found text and imagery with hand cut stencil designs.

Please join us for the opening reception Friday, October 7, from 6-10pm.  "Force of Habit" runs through October 30.