East Coast Earthquake and Hurricane Ravage Local Skate Park Ramp

(parody) August 30, 2011 Stafford County, Virginia. A local skateboarding park was most affected by the recent 5.8 earthquake that occured this summer. Curtis Memorial Park's recently constructed 4-foot haf pipe was ravaged by the quake and the subsequent water damage caused by Hurricane Irene which blew through on August 28.

"I was going to do a switch kickflip on the pyramid and it sounded like a tractor trailor was coming through", recalls one local skater of the August earthquake.  "The half pipe shook and buckled and cracks formed by the small quarter pipe - it was like that movie Armageddon"

According to local engineers the damage to the ramp was structural, causing the top layers of plywood to sheer from the wood frame.  "Hopefully the parks and recreation department will hop on the repairs soon" remarked a skate park regular.  "They're usually quick to respond when stuff in the park is busted."