PONSHOP T-shirt Saga

The first generation PONSHOP T-shirts are now available at Fred Skates in Fredericksburg, Virginia. It's been a long road to get to where we are with these tees and we're stoked on the feedback we've received so far. Thanks to Mark at the skateshop for helping us out.
Friends have been asking when the shirts will be at our studio and we're shooting for July 4th to reveal the summer T-shirt setup.

Thanks to Logan Jones for kickstarting this endeavor. He was so excited to see the site and studio up and running that he took the initiative and encouraged us to design, print, and promote the shirts. Logan took our first batch up to The Market NYC on the weekend of May 20th to stir up some interest and adorn the kids of New York.
People have been really receptive to the skateboard deck images and it was a natural question of "when" the images would make their way to a shirt. It's been a real challenge to take a graphic and have it realized on a large quantity of clothing. I'm typically used to treating each image as its own compostion, making variations in color and gradient. Also, there's a much greater sense of permanence when working on t-shirts - or maybe "publicity" is a better word.
We now have an acccount with American Apparel and have selected colors and styles for this summer. If all goes well, I'll draw up some new shirt graphics for the fall!