“Remixed 3” Vinyl Album Art Exhibit


Exhibition Dates: August 7-30 Opening Reception: Friday, August 7 (6-10pm)

PONSHOP Studio is pleased to announce their sixth community art exhibition in August of 2015.  “Remixed 3” features original artwork using 12” vinyl record albums.  The exhibit includes over fifty participating artists working on this eccentric canvas.  The opening reception for “Remixed 3” will be Friday, August 7 (6-10pm).  In keeping with the show’s theme, DJ Moog will be spinning on the turntables in the garden space of the gallery.

This is the third year of the “Remixed” vinyl-themed show and PONSHOP has received an overwhelming response from local artists.  As of this press release, the gallery has issued over 85 albums to be adorned.  This community art show has proven to be a great addition to the gallery’s exhibition schedule, involving artists of all backgrounds and also boasting affordable artworks for the home or office ranging from $25-$200.  “Remixed 3” will be curated by gallery owners Scarlett and Gabriel Pons.

February First Friday Opening Reception

Opening Reception:PONSHOP Studio and Gallery is excited to announce our February “First Friday” event on February 6, from 6-10pm.  We are proud to introduce the addition of two new jewelers to our shop: Anné Harrill of Océanne Jewelry Designs and Fredericksburg native, Devin Ashton Designs. February features a wide selection of artisan jewelry in anticipation for Valentine’s Day, with works from over a dozen jewelers in a variety of materials.  Lisa Latendress created a Valentine-themed charmed necklace incorporating semi precious stones.  Leslie Brier fashioned “Lover’s Eye Tokens”  - a modern day take on an 18th century accessory celebrating mystery and romance.

PONSHOP is offering a range of art classes for kids and adults throughout the month.  Scarlett Pons is holding a “Couple’s Clay Class” on Valentine’s Day as a special event for sweethearts willing to get their hands dirty and have fun.  There is also the return of the PONSHOP Academy for kids as well as a Vintage Floral Resin Pendant Workshop taught by Leslie Brier.  Click Here for the complete class schedule.

Stiched, Altered, and Plush Show: Opening Night

Stitched-Opening-2013-03-0105_web Friday, March 1 2013: PONSHOP hosted the opening reception of Stitched, Altered, and Plush. The evening was a great success, featuring quirky creations by local artists Ashleigh Burbidge and Leslie Brier. Check out our photos from the evening below. Stitched, Altered, and Plush runs through March 31.

Student Work: Couples Clay and Private Classes

Here at the PONSHOP we offer innovative ways to bring creativity into your lives. In February, we brought love and creation together in our new couples clay workshop. After just three hours and a lot of footsie, these couples made their very own kissing bowls! We are also happy to work with you to bring your own ideas to life in private classes. One of our students wanted to cut her own designs into clay to create a hollow ceramic sphere and... We helped make it happen!

Whatever your level, whatever your desire, if you have an interest for art come take a class!  Check out our class schedule for more details.

Under the Tree for Under $50 (#1)

With so many new items arriving at the PONSHOP, we’ve been busy putting together some great gift deals for the holidays. Take any one of our Eighth Street Soaps and pair it with a Ceramic Soap Dish and WrapAgain reusable wrapping paper, only $23. The soaps come in a number of unique scents, including “STUD,” “Fluffy Pajamas,” and “Three Vices.”

Looking for apparel? Grab one of our PONSHOP Toddler T’s and a WrapAgain, just $24 for the pair.

To really get you ready for the season, check out the Ceramic Snowflake Ornaments for $12 each. These handmade ornaments, like real snowflakes, are each unique and different. Available in blue and white, these ornaments make a great addition to any tree.

Along with the ornaments, we also have Ceramic Snowflake Votives for $15 each. The candle and holder create the perfect combination of soft lighting and holiday cheer. These festive votives are sure to fit in great with any holiday decor.
Come visit us this holiday season to find that special gift for anyone on your list.
Our hours are: Tues - Sat 10am-6pm; Sun noon - 5pm

Street Art Workshop: July 2010

July, 2010. My student, Marielle, took a 3-session workshop with me and we worked on taking her drawings (above) to the next level. Below is a sequence of those classes. Good Work!

We enlarged her drawing by 400% and she worked with the print, cutting out and painting it.

She collaged on a 2-foot by 4-foot panel and then used wheatpaste to glue her paper print on. After hitting it with some spray paint and acrylic paint (below), she was done.

PONSHOP offers classes in Ceramics, Mixed Media, Street Art, Architecture, and Skateboard Design for children as well as Ceramics and Drawing for adults. Our classes run throughout the summer and through the fall. For a current class schedule, Click Here.

Public Art: Caroline Street Fence

Gabe is one of six local artists to participate in Fredericksburg’s latest Public Arts Project. “Beautify the Burg” entails adorning a section of Caroline Street’s 800 Block with six large art panels. The project was unveiled in a public ceremony on Friday, July 2 at 6pm. Below are some pics from the ceremony (and more).

Left to Right: Milvi K. Gill, Gabriel Pons, Brandon Newton, Jay D. Anderson, Bonnie De Lelys, Elizabeth Seaver, Kristi Zerull, and Pat Thalman.

The unveiling took place on June 2nd, 2010

Scarlett and the boys struck a pose in front of my panel.

"Grasshopper #3", mixed media on wood, 40"x56"

Arts in Support of Haiti

Scarlett has designed 20 limited edition votives to help raise funds for Habitat for Humanity in Haiti. She has titled the piece “Port-au-Prince Cathedral”. The 100 year-old cathedral in Haiti is also known as the “Cathedral of our Lady of Assumption” and has been destroyed in January's earthquake.

"Port Au-Prince Cathedral" commemorative votive, (top view)
"Port Au-Prince Cathedral" commemorative votive, (front view)

The votive is 5” in diameter and its design is inspired by elements such as the rose window and the tower from the cathedral. Each ceramic piece will be signed and numbered and is $50.00 each. 100% of the proceeds is being donated to
Habitat for Humanity and will go to Haiti's relief effort.

If you are in Fredericksburg you can come by the PONSHOP at LibertyTown Arts Workshop and leave your donation which will reserve your votive. You may also mail us a check, made out to scarlettwares, for $50.00 to:

LibertyTown Arts, Attn: PONSHOP, 916 Liberty Street, Fredericksburg, VA 22401

(Please add $10.00 if you would like your piece mailed to you anywhere in the USA.)

Scarlett is making these ceramic pieces currently,so please allow 6-8 weeks to complete this series. Each piece will be glazed in a Satin White Glaze. We will let everyone know as soon as they are finished and you can come by the PONSHOP to pick them up or we will be more than happy to mail them to your doorstep.

For more information please contact Scarlett at spons@scarlettwares.com

Thank you and our hearts go out to the people of Haiti.

Scarlett and Gabe

Digital Art Revolution Book Release: March 2010

Here's some exciting news for the New Year - author Scott Ligon's book Digital Art Revolution is due to be released internationally in March of this year and I'm excited to be one of the contributing artists to the publication.

Digital Art Revolution
"is not a book that teaches readers to process photos in order to mimic various styles from art history. This is a book that familiarizes the readers with the fundaments of the visual language and then shows them how to apply these principals to digital art. It demonstrates the possibilities inherent in the medium and guides readers towards developing their own unique voice." -Scott Ligon

Check out the Digital Art Revolution site and buy the paperback on Amazon.com right here.

"Contents Under Pressure" Exhibit

MONO Spray Can Set (left to right): History of Bombing, MONO Queen, MONO Towers $100 each.

I'm excited to announce that I'm one of the contributing artists in the "Contents Under Pressure" Show at Jackson Street Gallery in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The opening is Friday Night - December 5 from 7-11pm. Click This Link to read the Freelance Star Article published on December 4th.

MONO Bamboo Spray Can, $100

[Click Image above to enlarge]

Intro to Street Art: September 2008

Nick followed up his "Skate to Create" workshop with the "Intro to Street Art" class. He was interested in creating his own style of letters, so we wasted no time getting down to business with sketching and painting...

Nick learned some "can control" while making his outlines and fills (above and below).
The finished product for his bedroom wall...

For a current PONSHOP Class schedule, click here.

Off To Portland......

It's now 1:00 am on Saturday June 2nd. I've got way too many things to do before we head up to DC later today, but I promised that I'd post some pics of the work that's now headed out to The Life Gallery in Portland, Oregon - so here we go...

New Nefertiti, acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 33"x48"Antigone, mixed media on canvas, 12"x12"
Trojan Horse, mixed media on canvas, 12"x12'
Scarlett's LampsTrojan Helmet (front)Hindu Helmet (front)Hindu Helmet (side)
Kalahara Helmet (front)

PONSHOP & scarlettwares: Holiday Fun

One quarter of the Christmas gifts purchased this year will be electronic and digital gadgetry. So give a gift that's above the status quo and check out what Scarlett and I have to offer at our shop:

Handmade Ceramic snowflakes give the personal touch to any Christmas tree trimming. Scarlett's ornaments, like snowflakes, are special since no two are alike. All pieces are glazed white and include a red ribbon for hanging. Whereas the typical ceramic ornament that you made in grade school bends the branches to the ground, these pieces are sufficienty lightweight and elegant.

Ceramic snowflakes by scarlettwares are $10 each and can be shipped with ease.
If interested in purchasing, contact spons@scarlettwares.com.Also available in our studio and on display at LibertyTown's main gallery this month are the Medusa (Mini) paintings. These wood pieces are 5.5" x 5.85"x1" and are individually spray painted. The Gorgon Goddess is, according to myth, so hideous that her visage turns viewers to stone. I chose to portray her as a young heretic, sensual and powerful.

These pieces are $25 each (plus shipping) and come with a saw-tooth hanger on the back for display. Availability is on a first come, first served basis so visit the PONSHOP or contact me at shop@ponshopstudio.com. Of course, Skateboarding and Art mix together at the PONSHOP. These new shop decks are the sure fire way to get a kid to freak out Christmas Morning. All decks are made from 100% North American Hardrock Maple and come in three different widths: 7.5", 7.75", and 8.0". The PONSHOP "Snake" shop decks are $45 (plus shipping) and come with griptape.

Autumn: Skate To Create/Street Art Workshops

"Stencil" is derived from the French word estencler which means to decorate or adorn with bright colors. It is very much apparent when looking at today's pop media and trends that the stencil has reached its critical mass in terms of popularity and accessibility. For instance, Comedy Central's graphics and logos emulate the street-born and hastily sprayed text that one would find on any lamp post, mailbox, or bare wall on the Bowery or Mott Street. T-shirt and skateboard graphics also include the classic "drips" and "spots" that are found in graffiti tags and murals.
The fact that stencil art and graffiti has attained mainstream appeal doesn't really shake my stance on the craft. In fact, just like any other medium, I'll keep on pushing it until the work becomes something other than just a stencil. And for those of you who think it's as easy as cutting and spraying - give it a shot and you'll find that there are many variables when it comes to creating a great graphic.
Having said all that, below are some pics of student work from our Autumn Workshops. Once again, I was really impressed with how much these kids applied themselves to their projects as well as the collective support and constructive encouragement they gave to one another.

Allison put together a 3-stencil graphic from her freehand drawing of the Beatles "Yellow Submarine"CJ took his Calvin and Hobbes sketch and transposed it into a 2-layer stencil graphic.Bryce enlarged his "robo-bunny" face and applied pattern and background colors.

Street Art Workshop (October 2006)

I worked with Robert previously in a "Skate to Create" class this past summer. Once he saw the challenge that comes with creating a "freehand" spray paint mural - he was ready to take it on. I showed him my library of graffiti literature, including "The Art Of Getting Over" by Stephen Powers as well as "Style:Writing From the Underground" (Stampa Alternative in association with IGTimes).
Rob's drawing skills are well-grounded, but he wanted to emulate the "Wild Style" Graff designs of the late seventies. We worked on his lettering and composition in the sketches all the while knowing that he'll have to pull this off on a 24"x48" piece of masonite.
I commend Rob on his ability to improvise as well as pay close attention to detail when it came to spray painting. I walked Rob through the process of outlines and fills, and let him go to work:

"COD" sketch on paper (week one)The finished piece - It poured down rain while Rob attacked his board with spray paint...Detail

"Broken Bones" Benefit Party

The PONSHOP is excited to announce that we'll be teaming up with Magic Bullet Records to host a benefit party for friend and fellow skater, Mark Eyestone. Mark is co-owner of Fredericksburg Skateboards and has dedicated his career into promoting and preserving skateboarding in his hometown of Fredericksburg. Last May, he was injured while skateboarding, which resulted in a significant amount of knee surgery including ACL replacement.
Now that the healing has begun, the hospital bills won't go away anytime soon - so as a way to show support from the local skate community and help Mark to a speedy recovery, we're throwing a party to help him get back on his feet…and back on his board!
First and foremost, we plan on having a FUN time Saturday night. Our friends, The Byzantines and Rocky's Revival
will be providing live music and fellow Fredericksburg skater Patrick will be premiering his skate video featuring all the local youths shredding it up.
We'll be holding an auction which will feature artworks from Brent Eyestone, Rob Landeck, and of course the PONSHOP. All of our efforts are to raise money to aid in Mark's recovery so come on out and show your suppport!
Ohh yeah, it will be Halloween weekend, so feel free to rock your costume to the event. Halloween is my wife Scarlett's favorite holiday so you know she'll represent!
For directions to the PONSHOP Studio at LibertyTown Arts Workshop, click here. To donate, contribute, or help us out with throwing this party, email me at shop@ponshopstudio.com

Mark Eyestone rocks to fakie in the streets of Fredericksburg. Photo by Chris Hupman

PONSHOP Shop Decks Available

The PONSHOP is now carrying the first run of our "Shop" Decks. Titled the MONO (pronounced moe-no) Snake Decks, these boards are made from top-quality North American Hard Rock Maple and feature a good concave and solid pop. Decks come in two widths: 7.5" and 7.75".

The Shop Decks differ from the art decks that I've been making in that we're encouraging these decks to be ridden, used, and abused. Instead of using four stencils and a background color to fabricate the art decks, I'm using one stencil to simplify the process and retain a reasonable price point.

Shop Decks are available for purchase at the PONSHOP Studio for $45 plus tax which includes griptape. For those of you who can't get to the shop and want to buy one, email me at shop@ponshopstudio.com.

Street Art: Stencil and Aerosol

Below are some photos from September's "Intro to Street Art" Workshop. Students had three 2-hour classes to adorn a 24"x48" sheet of masonite with spraypaint, stencils, and paint pens. Both Bryce and Tristan had alot of ideas and enthusiasm towards their projects, and my challenge was to help guide their way. They were very good at sharing and supporting one another's work and that's a great quality to develop. The compostitions seen below started off as simple pencil sketches and studies in their sketchbooks and evolved into full-color fun. Good Job guys!

Bryce started by cutting a stencil of "REAP" and then picked up spray paint cans to create the "Bunny" Graphic.

Tristan practiced Line and Fill with His "It!" graphic while experimenting with clouds and shadow.