Press Release: "Independence: Skateboarding's Art and Evolution"

The PONSHOP is busy planning an event that will introduce some art and recreation to the youth in Fredericksburg. PONSHOP along with Fredericksburg Skateboards and Magic Bullet Records will be hosting their first collaborative event: Independence: Skateboarding’s Art and Evolution on July 4th in downtown Fredericksburg at LibertyTown Arts Workshop from 2pm to 6pm. This family event is an exclusive one-day celebration of skateboard art and culture, featuring three live bands and a gallery exhibit showcasing the history of skateboard design and graphics from 1980 to today.
I will be hosting an outdoor art workshop where participants can paint their own skateboard decks or help adorn a newly built ramp. Other events will include a raffle featuring products from PONSHOP, Fred Skates and Magic Bullet. Keeping within the tradition of the Fourth of July, there will be hot dogs and refreshments available so bring your appetite. We're in the homestretch now planning for the party. The posters have been printed and umm... posted, and skateboard decks are accumulating around me as we speak. Join us for a day of art, music, and skateboarding!