PONSHOP Student Work: November 2006

Below are some pics of student work recently completed by students Max Harvey and Tommy Cox. November 2006 officially marked the one-year anniversary of the PONSHOP studio space at LibertyTown Arts Workshop. On behalf of Scarlett and I, we're grateful to have met so many great and supportive people. -Enjoy!

"This Will Happen..." by Max Harvey , spray paint on composite panel 24"x48"

Max Harvey has been taking weekly private classes at the studio since March 2006. Over that time he's done mixed media collage pieces, stencil and spray paint designs, and surreal watercolor landscapes. This piece was by far his most ambitious and incorporated at least 12 different stencil templates and hours of drawing and cutting. Max draws inspiration from Hip-Hop and Techno music as well as video game and science-fiction iconography. Max's work will be on exhibit at LibertyTown Arts Center's Annual Student Show from January 5th-31st 2007.



Tommy has an inherent love for two things: Skateboarding and Art. It came as no surprise that he was excited to participate in the "Skate to Create" workshop held in November 2006. Within a span of three 2-hour sessions, Tommy conceived and executed his own custom skateboard graphic using stencils and spraypaint. Tommy wanted to bring one his own cartoon characters to life on a skateboard deck. Below are some images of Tommy in action. Tommy's "Falling Cat" deck will also be on display at LibertyTown's Student Art show in January. Good Job!

Artist at work: Tommy cuts out his stencil templates"A-GRR!" The deck is now completed...Detail