Teenager Artwork

February First Friday Opening Reception

Opening Reception:PONSHOP Studio and Gallery is excited to announce our February “First Friday” event on February 6, from 6-10pm.  We are proud to introduce the addition of two new jewelers to our shop: Anné Harrill of Océanne Jewelry Designs and Fredericksburg native, Devin Ashton Designs. February features a wide selection of artisan jewelry in anticipation for Valentine’s Day, with works from over a dozen jewelers in a variety of materials.  Lisa Latendress created a Valentine-themed charmed necklace incorporating semi precious stones.  Leslie Brier fashioned “Lover’s Eye Tokens”  - a modern day take on an 18th century accessory celebrating mystery and romance.

PONSHOP is offering a range of art classes for kids and adults throughout the month.  Scarlett Pons is holding a “Couple’s Clay Class” on Valentine’s Day as a special event for sweethearts willing to get their hands dirty and have fun.  There is also the return of the PONSHOP Academy for kids as well as a Vintage Floral Resin Pendant Workshop taught by Leslie Brier.  Click Here for the complete class schedule.

Student Work 2013: Intro to Street Art

Street-Art-21_web Students honed their stenciling and spray-painting skills in this series of three 1.5 hour workshops. Instructor Gabriel Pons lead the class in developing their designs, cutting paper stencils, and perfecting their spray-painting.  Working on various media, including wood panels and vinyl records, students leave the course with a work of art and the knowledge to continue making on their own.  Below is a selection of photos from our 2013 series of "Intro to Street Art" classes:

Want to be introduced to the street art? Come join us at PONSHOP with your ideas and we will supply all materials, instruction, and history of street art.  Click Here to view our current class schedule.  For further questions, contact PONSHOP.

Mask and Mirror Workshop Announced

Mask_Mirror_promo_webGabriel Pons will be the guest instructor for a mask-making workshop called, "Mask and Mirror" at the Fredericksburg Area Museum and Cultural Center in November.  Online Registration is now open!

The "Mask and Mirror"  workshop explores the theme of adornment and how different cultures modify the surface of the body for decorative, aesthetic, and cultural purposes.  This fascination with marking and altering our appearance is evident in contemporary culture exemplified in the cosmetic industry and the mainstream proliferation of the tattoo industry.  Students will create their own mask using a prefabricated blank form and customize it using paper collage techniques, acrylic paint, and colored pencils.  The effort of the exercise will be to encourage students to "look within" themselves and project their passions, interests, and voice on a three dimensional canvas.  Whereas a conventional mask is meant to conceal one's identity, the intent of these masks is to reveal the student's personality and hopefully discover something new along the way.
When: Saturday, November 23, 2013 10am-noon.
Where: Fredericksburg Area Museum and Cultural Center (1001 Princess Anne Street, Fredericksburg, Virginia)
Ages: 13+
Cost:  $45 per student

"Remixed": Opening Reception, June 7 2013

Remixed_Opening26_web “Remixed” was PONSHOP’s fourth community art exhibition featuring original artwork using vinyl albums as a canvas. The exhibit included thirty-six local and regional artists all working in this non-traditional medium. Remixed runs through June 30, 2013.

Gallery owner Gabriel Pons has been using 12” vinyl records as his canvas for three years. When a friend offered him a crate of old records, he saw the potential of using the standardized discs in an art show where each participant “repurposes” the old albums and turns them into art.  A Call for artists was issued in April and interested artists from students to professionals registered and received their albums to adorn.  The opening reception included musical entertainment from DJ Climax, spinning on the turntables.  Thanks to all of our artists who participated for this exhibition and thanks to our fans and friends who came out to see the show.

Featured Artists for the “Remixed” Show are: Gregg Deal, Matt Corrado, Rob Landeck, Adam Desio, Stephen Graham, Jack Labadie, Julie Maida, Nick Candela, Crystal Rodrigue, Jeff Gulick and Nina Angelini.

Participating Artists include: Sue Henderson, Stacey Schultze, Sandy Skipper, Lois Skipper, Alex Rudenshiold, Guerin Wolf , Jayden Gilhousen, Zakk Davis, Amina Shafi, Nina Jot Prakashkaur, Cameron Limbrick, Toy Fowler, Ronald Jackson, Mirinda Reynolds, Erin Stephens, Sidney Mullis, Joshua K Rama, Mark Eyestone, Kelly Penick, Mark Manjarrez, Sean Woodard, Elizabeth Carter, Frank Woodley, Josie Yorgeson, Ed King, and Malik Malek.

Mixing the Media Class February 2012

February 2012 kicked off another fun session of Mixing the Media. In three 1.5 hour sessions students explored collage and acrylic painting to create their own mixed media scenes on canvas. Below are some pics of the student work. Congrats guys!

For more information about PONSHOP classes click here.


Second Annual PONSHOP Student Show Announcement

PONSHOP will be hosting their second annual Student Art Show in February 2012. Educating as many 98 students in 2011, the gallery will exhibit a cross section of paintings and ceramics completed by PONSHOP students over the past year. Student work will include all Adult and Youth Mixed Media and Ceramics, Intro to Street Art, Skate to Create, Adult Drawing, and Through an Architect’s Eyes workshops as well as many private sessions.  The exhibit is a means of encouraging students to continue to participate in the city’s art community, allowing their work to take center stage.  PONSHOP owners Scarlett and Gabriel Pons feel that it is important to continue to mentor students on the process of presenting their artwork in a gallery setting.

In addition, PONSHOP is offering its gallery during First Friday’s opening to host a fundraiser to benefit Massaponax High School art students planning a three-day Art-based field trip to New York City this spring.  That evening, MHS students will be selling their original artwork and baked goods to raise money for their trip.  Sponsored by Massaponax High School art teacher Patricia Atkinson and organized through EF Tours and the Smithsonian Institute, the trip will include visits to the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, The MOMA, and the Guggenheim Museum.

Participating PONSHOP students include:  Barbara Deal, Jack Weisenberger, Hannah Mann, Jeff Gulick, Sidney Mullis, Terry Pitzel, Tara and Maran Lee and many more.  PONSHOP is genuinely excited to feature the work of their students and hope that you can join us for this exclusive event.

Opening Reception:  Friday, February 3 (6-10pm)

Exhibition Dates:  Friday, February 3 to Sunday, February 26

Call For Artists: Second Annual PONSHOP Student Show

We are excited to announce our second annual PONSHOP Student Show this February and invite all students who participated in a PONSHOP workshop over the past year of 2011 to contribute to the exhibition. If you would like to exhibit the student work that you've done with teachers Gabriel and Scarlett Pons, simply RSVP back to us and let us know.

If you have alternate or additional artwork you’d like to exhibit, (and it is inspired by a PONSHOP Workshop) please contact us at your earliest convenience and we’ll review the work in person for consideration.

Below are some instructions and a schedule for all participating artists:


All PONSHOP Students from 2011 including all Adult and Youth Ceramics, Mixed Media, Intro to Street Art, Skate to Create, Adult Drawing, and Through an Architect’s Eyes workshops as well as any private or group sessions.  Artwork entries into the exhibit is FREE for all our students.


Drop Off Artwork for Exhibit:     Saturday, January 28 (10am-6pm) & Sun (noon-5pm) January 29

Free Workshop for Preparing Artwork:     Saturday, January 28 (1:00-2:30pm)

Exhibition Dates:    Friday, February 3 – Sunday February 26

Opening Reception:    Friday, February 3 (6-10pm)

Pick up of Artwork:     Monday, February 27 (10am-6pm)


All two dimensional work is to be equipped with a hanging wire adequate to support the painting when hung on a wall. No gallery clips or saw tooth hangers are to be used (Please see our Guidelines for Art Submissions). If you need help preparing artwork for exhibition, we will be holding an exclusive workshop on Saturday January 28 from 1:00-2:30pm. Gabe can help mount and prepare the 2’x4’ and 2’x2’ “Street Art” panels as well as give students instruction on threading wire for all “Skate to Create” decks. This workshop is free for our students, but any donations to cover the cost of materials is appreciated. Please let us know if you plan on attending. 

We ask that you and your family and friends join us for the “First Friday“ opening reception on Friday, February 3 from 6-10pm.

Work may be priced for sale (or not). PONSHOP retains 40% of all sales and reimburses the artists within 30 days of exhibition closing.

Scarlett and I are truly excited to be offering our gallery as a venue for our students and encourage your participation. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

Intro to Street Art: September 2009

I had the pleasure of working with Simon throughout the month - facilitating him in the art of spray paint and stencil-making. Originally, he was one of my "Adult Drawing" students, but on his own initiative - he came to me with some sketches and an idea, and we took it from there. Below is a detail of his Oarfish painting. Congratulations Simon!

For a current PONSHOP class schedule, click here. Classes in Street Art, Skateboard Design, and more are held every month.

Through an Architect's Eyes: July 2009

This workshop took advantage of the remarkably comfortable July weather. For three 2-hour sessions, I took my student on an architectural walking tour of downtown Fredericksburg. I gave instruction on map-making, perspective drawing, and projected drawing (plan, section, and elevation) and demonstrated different techniques on representing space and structures.

We also did contour drawings of the city's skyline - here students are instructed to (without looking at the page) follow the building terrain from the rooftops.

Trey shows off his sketchbook during the final class...
We also studied the local train bridge and talked about building form, material, and structure (above and below).
The local train station was the ideal place to give an exercise in perspective drawing (above and below).
For a current PONSHOP Class Schedule, Click Here

"Mixing the Media": June 2009

June 2009: Grace participated in the "Mixing The Media" workshop and, within 3 sessions, created some great mixed media pieces. In this class, students are encouraged to create a "landscape" of imagery with found images and text. The student then interacts with the collage using painting and drawing. Below are some images from the final class. Good Job Grace! (click images to enlarge)

Grace used magazine clippings, acrylic paint, and stencils to construct her piece.

She also did a stencil piece on wood with her favorite song lyrics written in the background.

Her Stencil was derived from a series of drawing exercises we did during the first class.

Click Here for a complete PONSHOP class schedule.

Private Student Sessions: Mixed Media

I had the pleasure of working with David again - this time for a mixed media workshop. His patience and attention to detail allowed him to layer up this composition on canvas. Check the progress and final pics below. Congratulations David!

David "built up" his painting into a landscape, with a clear delineation between land and sky. He used magazine cut outs to show buildings and figures in space. Acrylic paint and spray paint with stencils were used as well.

Final Painting (click to enlarge)

Family Portrait with the artist...

Click Here for a complete PONSHOP class schedule.

Adult Drawing: September 2008

Full Scale Self Portrait: Krissy (left) Gabe (right)

September ushered in a refreshing Adult Drawing Workshop. My student, Krissy, is a high school Junior whose interest in drawing and painting brought her to take this workshop. This workshop encourages students to make a habit out of drawing by keeping a sketchbook and practicing exercises to "strengthen" the students way of seeing and drawing. Below are some examples:

Need a model to draw? draw your hands...(above)Marker sketches of statues in still life. (click to enlarge)

For a current PONSHOP class schedule click here.

Intro to Street Art: September 2008

Nick followed up his "Skate to Create" workshop with the "Intro to Street Art" class. He was interested in creating his own style of letters, so we wasted no time getting down to business with sketching and painting...

Nick learned some "can control" while making his outlines and fills (above and below).
The finished product for his bedroom wall...

For a current PONSHOP Class schedule, click here.

Mixing The Media: August 2008

In the "Mixing The Media" workshop, students combined scraps of paper, acrylic paint, spray paint and stencils to create their compositions. Grace and Jeff were excellent students and methodically layered their boards with images,color, and form until complete.

Grace used xerox copies of earlier sketches as well as magazine clippings and some stock stencils in her collage.

Jeff brought his own artillery of stencils to the class and used them to adorn the perimeter of his collage. We concentrated on creating a "space" for the figures in the foreground, using layers of gesso and spraypaint over the newsprint text.
As a quick painting exercise, Grace painted a 6"x6" wood block portrait of her dog Farrah.

Thanks to all students that participated in this summer's workshops.
For a current PONSHOP Class schedule, click here.

Intro to Street Art: August 2008

Below are some snapshots from the August "Intro to Street Art" workshop. Grace paid homage to her favorite pet by making a stencil and spray paint composition. Throughout the three-session workshop she drew, painted, and sprayed until the piece was complete. (Click Images to Enlarge)

For a current PONSHOP Class schedule, click here.

Skate To Create: August 2008

I had a fresh crop of students for the "Skate to Create" Workshop in August. Nick and Jason put in three sessions of hard work and the results were really great. Scroll down to see their process...(click pics to enlarge)

Drawing and cutting takes up about 3/4 of the class time - but it's where all the design happens.Jason (aka J-Dogg) does an "X-Ray self portrait" for his deck graphic.Nick took one of his sketches from home and transposed it into this camouflage-like design.
Congratulations guys on a job well done...

For a current PONSHOP Class schedule, click here.

July Art Workshops: Adult Drawing /Skate to Create

July was by far the fastest moving month to date. One minute, we're celebrating the fourth of July, and in the blink of an eye, we're re-hanging our studio in preparation for the August First Friday. I did have the pleasure of working with two of the most intelligent and hard-working students last month in my "Adult Drawing" and "Skate to Create" workshops. Below are some samples of their work:

Full scale self-portrait (Leah on the left, Gabe on the right)

Leah will be a senior in high school this year and to keep her drawing skills sharp for the upcoming year, she took the "Adult Drawing" workshop. We did a number of exercises including a full-scale self portrait (above) as well as classic sketch studies such as hand sketches and still life drawing. The major focus of this workshop is to encourage students to maintain a 'habit' of working in their sketchbooks. Creativity, like athletics, can only be sustained if it is exercised often and the sketchbook is the vehicle which allows one to continue to explore and hone their techniques.

Full scale self-portrait (detail)

Sketchbook exercise: hand poses

Studio Still Life: matryoshka dolls (above, below)
The "Skate to Create" workshop is the most popular among teens this year. I've seen a lot of great designs and met some great kids so far. July's workshop was no exception. Michael gave 110% the entire time and he managed to finish his work with some spare time for us to skate in front of the shop. Below is a sequence from his classes. He chose to use his nickname "Travis" for his deck graphic.

Stencil Sequence: (top to bottom: drawing, cutting, layers 1-3)

Applying the final layer of colors - gradient from red to brown.
One happy camper - the completed deck, ready to rip!
For a current schedule of classes offered at the PONSHOP, click here. I'll be offering another series of art workshops for children, teens, and adults through August and September.

Summer Workshops: Intro to Street Art (June 2008)

The "Intro to Street Art" June workshop offered students a brief history lesson in graffiti and street art while allowing them to draw, write, spray and collage on their own 48"x24" panel.
Andrew made four stencils and several sketches to compose his piece.
Drew literally attacked the painting with an arsenal of stencils and markers. Simon found an opportunity to make an oversized poster for his band. July will come and go before you know it - so if you'd like to sign up for any of the PONSHOP Art Workshops, click here for a summer schedule.

Summer Workshops: Skate to Create (June 2008)

June ushered in a new batch of students eager to get their summer skateboards painted and ready to ride. Our Skate to Create Workshop challenged kids to generate their own custom skateboard design and execute it using spray paint and stencils. Within the span of three 2-hour classes, they sketched, cut, and painted their own creations on a deck. Good job guys! Below are some snapshots from the final class...(click to enlarge).

Andrew was inspired by the mid-1990s Alien Workshop skateboard graphics...Noah created his own superhero character for his deck.Warner's deck took the "smiley face" and "mr. yuck" symbol to the next level. Paul and Ross took a "Skate to Create" workshop in the beginning of the month. Their hard work and serious attitude (see above) turned out some great designs. Good work!

Thanks to all students and parents for their participation in the PONSHOP workshops. To learn more about the classes we offer, click here. For a full class schedule from LibertyTown Arts Workshop, click here.

PONSHOP on RedBubble.com

I've been hard at work putting up some of my art on RedBubble.com.
RedBubble is an online art gallery that allows me to sell my artwork as high-quality framed prints, greeting cards, posters, designer T-Shirts and more. My goal is to reach a larger (global) customer base that supports PONSHOP Art. Below is some crazy "widget" of my work. Click it to visit the PONSHOP storefront on RedBubble.com!

I recently received some products from RedBubble to test the integrity and packaging of the products, and I'm happy to say that I was really impressed with the quality of the work. I'll be uploading more paintings and T-shirt designs over the upcoming weeks....Until then, Peace....G
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