Despite Sluggish Economy, Local Artist Flourishes

I made some crazy cash on moving this painting-like hundreds at a time and plenty of one dollar bills for scratch tickets...

"Don't Believe the Hype" was what a wise young man named Flavor Flav said back in 1988 and these days I think that still rings true today. Sure our economy is hitting rock bottom, but that doesn't mean that folks stopped investing in some killer artwork. Check out the pics of my man Nick on a recent purchase of a painting of mine. He was worried that his account would be stone-cold frozen once Bear Stearns took a dive, so he pulled it all out and bought himself a stimulus package of his visual stimulus!

"Cash Rules Everything Around Me": one satisfied patron more than willing to throw down some dead presidents on a living artist.

2009 Sales Down? No way - in fact, during the last "First Friday" art opening I sold $36 in t-shirts alone - not bad for only working four hours. Later that week, my online shop on RedBubble netted me a cool $25 in my PayPal account. I made money and I wasn't even awake
. It's that kind of entrepreneurial spirit that will have us living on easy street.