Getting Paw-Litical: Cat Rally in Fredericksburg


October 6, 2012 marked the annual "Dog Parade" in downtown Fredericksburg.  While all of that is fine and good, we here at PONSHOP are cat people and felt that cats were being under represented in the city's public functions.  That morning, friends (and family) of PONSHOP got their "cat" on and raised awareness that although the city's cats may be taking a nap at that moment, they deserve some respect.  Below are pics from that eventful morning.  Thanks to all the folks and volunteers at this year's Fredericksburg Dog Fair for having a good sense of humor.  As we stated during our rally, "We're not anti-dog, we're pro-cat!"

East Coast Earthquake and Hurricane Ravage Local Skate Park Ramp

(parody) August 30, 2011 Stafford County, Virginia. A local skateboarding park was most affected by the recent 5.8 earthquake that occured this summer. Curtis Memorial Park's recently constructed 4-foot haf pipe was ravaged by the quake and the subsequent water damage caused by Hurricane Irene which blew through on August 28.

"I was going to do a switch kickflip on the pyramid and it sounded like a tractor trailor was coming through", recalls one local skater of the August earthquake.  "The half pipe shook and buckled and cracks formed by the small quarter pipe - it was like that movie Armageddon"

According to local engineers the damage to the ramp was structural, causing the top layers of plywood to sheer from the wood frame.  "Hopefully the parks and recreation department will hop on the repairs soon" remarked a skate park regular.  "They're usually quick to respond when stuff in the park is busted."

Despite Sluggish Economy, Local Artist Flourishes

I made some crazy cash on moving this painting-like hundreds at a time and plenty of one dollar bills for scratch tickets...

"Don't Believe the Hype" was what a wise young man named Flavor Flav said back in 1988 and these days I think that still rings true today. Sure our economy is hitting rock bottom, but that doesn't mean that folks stopped investing in some killer artwork. Check out the pics of my man Nick on a recent purchase of a painting of mine. He was worried that his account would be stone-cold frozen once Bear Stearns took a dive, so he pulled it all out and bought himself a stimulus package of his visual stimulus!

"Cash Rules Everything Around Me": one satisfied patron more than willing to throw down some dead presidents on a living artist.

2009 Sales Down? No way - in fact, during the last "First Friday" art opening I sold $36 in t-shirts alone - not bad for only working four hours. Later that week, my online shop on RedBubble netted me a cool $25 in my PayPal account. I made money and I wasn't even awake
. It's that kind of entrepreneurial spirit that will have us living on easy street.