2011: Year in Photos

August 2011: PONSHOP Shareholders relax aboard their 500-foot yacht...

2011 marked the first full (12-month) year for PONSHOP.  On behalf of Scarlett and I, thank you to all of our artists, clients, family, friends and fans.  It's been a fulfilling experience owning a gallery in downtown Fredericksburg and we look forward to making the arts community stronger in 2012.  Here's a cross section of last year's notable events:

February 2011: First Annual PONSHOP Student Show

April 2011: "Public/Private" Juried Exhibit Opening Night with The Undeniably Adjacent improv group

May 2011: Scarlett and Diego at G40 Uncapped Live Show in Washington DC

May 2011: Gabe and Scarlett collaborate on "Ai Wei Wei: 21st Century Revolutionary" installation at G40

May 2011: PONSHOP hosts "The Art of Recovery" exhibit featuring RACSB artists.

June 2011: Intern Katy Wiedemann  joins PONSHOP for the summer.

June 2011: Gabe participates in the Urban Decay II Show at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, VA

August 2011: "Tailor Made" T-Shirt Exhibition
August 2011: Storefront Display for Rappahannock Independent Film Festival contest
September 2011: Scarlett and Gabe collaborate on "Miss You, Love You NYC" installation at Fredericksburg Area Museum.
September 2011: "Miss You, Love NYC" installation commemorates 10-year anniversary of 9-11
September 2011: PONSHOP hosts "City Colors" Juried Exhibit
November 2011: PONSHOP Artist Jasmine Lee demonstrates during the Jewelry Show opening reception
December 2011: gallery intern Adriana Christesen joins us for the fall/spring semester.