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Call for Commission Work: Ceramics and Painting

Commission-Promo_01Believe it or not, the holidays are right around the corner and Scarlett and I have the perfect solution for gifting that special someone.  We invite you to work with us to create a custom painting (on canvas, skateboard, or 12" vinyl record) or ceramic piece (ranging from yarn bowls to specialty platters, soup bowls and kitchen items).  We are currently taking orders on custom work through November 15, 2013.  To get the ball rolling, simply contact us via email.  For more information, you can view the range of Scarlett's commission work Here and you can view Gabe's most notable commission work Here.

"Vivify" Mural Commission - Photos

2013-Vivify-Progress021_webBelow is a chronology of the outdoor mural commission I completed for Vivify Burger & Lounge in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  I worked with the clients (who also own Bistro Bethem across the street) to produce a custom painting that embodied the charge of the new eatery. The concept sketch basically sent me on the path of formalizing my idea for Vivify.  "Vivify" means to bring movement and life to something.  The owners' goal is to host a space that pulses with the energy of the city's downtown, and that is also reflected by the tastes and smells from the eatery and lounge.  What better way  to express the vibrance of the lounge than  in a colorful "canopy" of words.  The piece turned into a family crest of sorts and incorporated the Bethem's names around the center.

The rear of the restaurant opens up to a two-story patio space with stairs leading to a roof deck which provides a great view of the city.  I was excited to work on such rich and fun project this summer.  Thanks to the Bethem family for the opportunity and thanks to my assistant, Jeff Gulick, for his consistent help throughout.

World Wildlife Fund "Hands Off My Parts" T-Shirt Campaign

In the fall of 2012, Gabriel Pons was commissioned by the World Wildlife Fund to design a t-shirt for the WWF's "Hands Off My Parts" campaign.  He collaborated with WWF to generate an original t-shirt graphic that would raise awareness regarding wildlife crime throughout the world and motivate change by mobilizing the public to take action through From the WWF Website:

"Every day, wild elephants, rhinos and tigers are killed for their skins, bones, tusks, horns and other body parts. Wildlife crime is now the most urgent threat to these species—and decades of conservation gains and whole wildlife populations will be lost if we don’t take action today.

Tens of thousands of elephants are killed every year for their ivory tusks.

At least one rhino is killed every day due to the mistaken belief that rhino horn can cure cancer and hangovers.

As few as 3,200 wild tigers remain. Poaching is the greatest immediate threat to their survival.

The illegal wildlife trade is estimated to be worth $7-10 billion annually.  Illicit wildlife trafficking is the fifth largest illegal trade after drugs, counterfeiting, human trafficking and oil.

Join 'Hands Off My Parts' to stop wildlife crime along with supporters like Leonardo DiCaprio, Emily VanCamp, Josh Bowman, Stacy Keibler, Alyssa Milano, Ian Somerhalder and Ethan Suplee. Together we can fight for strong laws so that poaching stops and rhinos, elephants and tigers can keep their parts."

Below are images of the 'Hands Off My Parts' t-shirt package.  Gabriel created a full-size painting and additional hand-drawn lettering and line work for the final composite screen-printed graphic.  The WWF team did a great job designing the informational brochure and hangtags.  PONSHOP is honored and proud to be a part of this timely and pertinent initiative.  Take Action Now to join the "Hands Off My Parts" campaign and stop wildlife crime.

Coincidentally, during the time Gabe was working on the project, National Geographic Magazine published an investigative report, "Blood Ivory" in October of 2012.     As a result of the 'Hands Off My Parts' initiative, in early March, Thailand prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra pledged to end the ivory trade in Thailand during the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

Writing on the Walls: Residential Commission Work

Here are some snapshots from a recent commission Gabriel Pons did for a residential client.  After seeing our shop bathroom and other installation work, she requested that Gabe create a catalog lettering  of "Hello" in a variety of languages. Pretty Meditative...

PONSHOP is available for commission work of this scope with prices ranging from $400 on up.   Contact us to inquire about custom painting installations and murals.

Commissioned Work: "Tulip Series" by Scarlett Pons

A special collection of Scarlett Pons' new "Tulip Series" can be found at Taste Oil Vinegar Spice. Located in the charming downtown of Culpeper, they offer fresh olive oils and organic spices from around the world which share nicely at the table in these beautiful ceramic dishes.

"Illumination" Video Sequence


Here's the follow up to the photos posted last month while I was working on this commissioned painting for Hartwood Presbyterian Church.  The piece, titled "Illumination" now hangs in the Fellowship Hall of the church.  Thanks Hartwood Presbyterian Church for the opportunity and thanks to my assistant, Jeff Gulick for helping me install the three panels.  Special Thanks to our Spring 2012 intern, Chris Stuart, for editing the video footage.

2011: Year in Photos

August 2011: PONSHOP Shareholders relax aboard their 500-foot yacht...

2011 marked the first full (12-month) year for PONSHOP.  On behalf of Scarlett and I, thank you to all of our artists, clients, family, friends and fans.  It's been a fulfilling experience owning a gallery in downtown Fredericksburg and we look forward to making the arts community stronger in 2012.  Here's a cross section of last year's notable events:

February 2011: First Annual PONSHOP Student Show

April 2011: "Public/Private" Juried Exhibit Opening Night with The Undeniably Adjacent improv group

May 2011: Scarlett and Diego at G40 Uncapped Live Show in Washington DC

May 2011: Gabe and Scarlett collaborate on "Ai Wei Wei: 21st Century Revolutionary" installation at G40

May 2011: PONSHOP hosts "The Art of Recovery" exhibit featuring RACSB artists.

June 2011: Intern Katy Wiedemann  joins PONSHOP for the summer.

June 2011: Gabe participates in the Urban Decay II Show at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, VA

August 2011: "Tailor Made" T-Shirt Exhibition
August 2011: Storefront Display for Rappahannock Independent Film Festival contest
September 2011: Scarlett and Gabe collaborate on "Miss You, Love You NYC" installation at Fredericksburg Area Museum.
September 2011: "Miss You, Love NYC" installation commemorates 10-year anniversary of 9-11
September 2011: PONSHOP hosts "City Colors" Juried Exhibit
November 2011: PONSHOP Artist Jasmine Lee demonstrates during the Jewelry Show opening reception
December 2011: gallery intern Adriana Christesen joins us for the fall/spring semester.

Commission Work & New Small Works

"Well You say I'm [thirty] something and I shouldn't be slackin', but I'm workin' harder than ever and you can call it mackin'" -Beastie Boys Sure Shot.  My studio desk is stacking up with commissioned paintings as well as new small works for the upcoming month.

November 2011.  Attention all fans of PONSHOP: for those of you who are looking for the perfect gift for that friend or loved one, look no further.  I'm taking on requests for painting commissions for the upcoming three weeks.  If you've always enjoyed one of our designs or would like to provide me with material to collage into a personalized piece, then please contact us and we'll get the ball rolling.

More Commissioned Work

Admittedly, I've been a behind schedule on all the Blog Posts. My New Year's Resolution is to stay on top of it - but first I have to catch up. Below are some snapshots of a residential commission I completed in October. The client owns a traditional single-family home and wanted to juxtapose her half bathroom with the rest of the house's decor.

Her only criteria for the mural was that it includes imagery related to our fair city of Fredericksburg, and that it incorporates technology (she's a web designer by profession). Finally, she has a love for street art which is how this whole project got started.
I drew my inspiration from all the public restrooms I've visited throughout the years - where the walls are covered in writing. Most of the text incorporated in this mural came from some of my favorite hip hop lyrics.

Scarlett and I are happy to work with clients to create original artwork in both ceramics and painting. If interested commissioning work, contact us via the PONSHOP Website.

Holiday Commission Work (December 2010)

December 2010 proved to be the most productive month of the year. I was hard at work on a number of commissioned paintings for clients. Below are some snapshots of the finished pieces. "Thank You" to our clients who continue to push our creativity with these custom projects.

Custom Painted Surfboard (aka "Cuttlefish"), Mixed Media, 72.75" x 18.75"

"Cuttlefish" Top Detail

"Cuttlefish" Bottom Detail

"Grasshopper #4", Mixed Media on Canvas, 24"x36"

"The Muse", Mixed Media on Skateboard Deck, 32"x8"

"Mind, Body, Spirit", Mixed Media on Paper, 20.5" x10"

"In Dreams", Mixed Media on Canvas, 12"x9"

PONSHOP works with clients to create one of kind artwork in both ceramics and painting. If interested commissioning work, contact us via the PONSHOP Website.

August 2009: Mural Commission

August, 2009: I picked the hottest days of the year to get out there and do this mural commission in Falmouth, Virginia - but it was well worth it. Below are some images taken over that week. Thanks to our client, Professional Maintenance, and thanks to my assistant Jeff who whose help was exceptional. If interested in commissioning PONSHOP for any interior or exterior mural project - contact me here.

The completed piece....
Artists working to better their country through the construction and appreciation of art.

Commissioned Work

"Live For Me and I Will Live For You", Mixed Media on Paper, 36"x28" 2008

I'm currently taking on private commission work for individuals who are looking for a painting with a personal touch. The piece above was completed last month for a family's Christmas gift. "Live For Me..." incorporates a number of items from the client's family album - from photos to memorabilia to song lyrics. This type of commission is always a great challenge for me since I'm using someone's most treasured and personal items to narrate a story about their lives.

"Live For Me and I Will Live For You", (Detail)

If interested in commissioning Gabriel Pons for a painting, mural or other creative project, contact me via my website.

June 2008

"The New Babylon #1", Mixed Media on Canvas, 40"x14" SOLD

It's been a good start the summer: School is out which means PONSHOP classes are in full effect (more student work pics soon to come).

I've been doing some commissioned work over the past month and I'm excited about the direction that the paintings have been going. "The New Babylon #1" is one of the recently completed pieces.

Scarlett and I participated in the King George Art Show this past week. One of the pieces submitted, "Leaving La Mancha" received an Honorable Mention and was sold. The show runs until Sunday, June 29th. Click Here for more details.

"Leaving La Mancha" (detail), Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas, SOLD

PONSHOP: Commissioned Painting

We Will Walk This Path Together (2007) 15.5"x15.5" Collage, Acrylic, Spray Paint on Paper

I've had the pleasure of meeting a great couple that happen to be big fans of both my work and Scarlett's ceramics. Needless to say, one thing led to another and I was commissioned to make a collage/mixed media piece for the wife to give to the husband on their second anniversary in September.
The piece, titled "We Will Walk This Path Together" incorporates a variety of images that the wife had passed on to me to include in the composition. Maps, song lyrics, and photos taken on their first hike together were put through the PONSHOP spin cycle to cook up a new imagery that evokes intimacy in the past, present, and future that this young couple will share for the rest of their lives.

For inquiries into commissioned paintings, contact me at:

Commissioned Work

I wanted to share these pics of a commissioned painting that I completed a couple months back. Titled "Resonator (Out of Chaos Comes Order)" this painting now resides at the Fox Clocks studio at LibertyTown Arts Workshop. Once I hung the painting, the client and I were both excited to see how it meshed in with the rest of the shop.

If interested in a commissioned painting, simply contact me at

Scarlett continues to make functional bird houses and bird feeders for clients. Her bird feeder, pictured here, is designed to accent any garden as well as accommodate the local birds. For more information about Scarlett's recent work, click here.

"The Lady and The Tiger" Commissioned Painting

"Lady and The Tiger", acrylic and collage on canvas 30"x30"x2""The Lady and The Tiger" Detail

I've recently completed a painting titled "The Lady and The Tiger". This piece was a commission for two of our best friends living in Charlottesville, Virginia.

"The Lady and The Tiger" (Detail)"The Lady and The Tiger" (Detail)
Below are some images of the generative studies for the final painting as well as a 12"x12" canvas study I did of the tiger.

The first pencil sketch: September 2006

"Tiger Study (Mini)" was a real breakthrough for me in terms how I typically work. While completing the background for "The Lady and The Tiger" I worked on full-size sketches of the figures. I took one of the pencil sketches of the tiger and pasted it onto the 12"x12" canvas. Something about seperating the sketch from the main painting allowed me to paint with more freedom. I was able to experiment on the mini and then take it to the larger painting. "Tiger Study (Mini)" now resides in the home of a family friend.

Tiger Study "Mini", acrylic and collage on canvas 12"x12" x2" (sold)Tiger Study "Mini", Oblique Detail
For those interested in the content of the paintings, they were inspired by the short story "The Lady, or the Tiger?" by Frank R. Stockton. Although instead of an allegory focused on our human nature and the decisions we face, I chose to show both the princess and the beast simultaneously. I was interested in portraying a pensive and statuesque figure with the tiger in the background acting as both companion and guardian.