"Battleground" Art Show Announced

Ponshop Studio and Gallery are excited to announce “Battleground”, an art exhibition dedicated to Fredericksburg’s identity as a historic battlefield site.  Curated by artist J. Coleman, “Battleground” explores the relationship between Fredericksburg’s civil war past and its impact on the present day.  “Battleground” also commemorates the 150-year anniversary of the Battle of Fredericksburg. All artists participating in the exhibit live in and around the city of Fredericksburg.

Participating artists include:  Kenny Brown, Nicholas Candela, J. Coleman, Adam Desio, Kelley Drake, Elstabo, Jeremy Gann, Bill Harris, Greg Howell, Chance Kenyon, Rob Landeck, Justin Lipuma, Kevin Murphy, Gabriel Pons, Scarlett Pons, Grady Spades, and Mike Tschirn.

Exhibition Statemen­t

150 years ago in 1852, from December 11-15, one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War took place in our hometown of Fredericksburg, Virginia.  The battle of Fredericksburg engaged a total of 172,500 soldiers (100,000 Confederate and 72,000 Union) and, at its end, resulted in an estimated 17,500 casualties.  The city was the site of the first urban combat during the Civil War and its buildings and infrastructure were left in ruin.

Since then Fredericksburg has persevered as a humble but vibrant commercial and cultural core to the region, transforming from a sleepy southern town to a commuter hub that is both rooted in nostalgia of the past and facing the challenges of present day.  For this exhibit, contemporary artists reflect on their experiences living and working in a city where its architecture, landscape, and monuments are a constant reminder of the conflict that took place one hundred and fifty years ago.

Please join us on Friday November 2 from 6-10pm for this exciting show.