Second Annual Jewelry Show: Opening Night

December 7, 2012: PONSHOP hosted their second annual jewelry show featuring works by 11 jewelers.  The opening reception included live demonstrations by Leslie Brier, Susan McLay, Jeff Gulick, Lisa Latendress, and Erica Voss.  Many of the other featured artists attended the show and were on hand to answer questions including Silvia White, Terresa Buelow, and Zakk Davis.  Below are some pictures from the evening.  On behalf of Scarlett and I, thanks to all the fans that came out to the show that evening and thanks to all of our talented jewelers and artists for sharing.  The jewelry show is on exhibit at PONSHOP through December 30th.

Styles upon Styles: PONSHOP Online Shop(s)

For those of you far and away from our “Brick and Mortar” shop in Virginia, we offer up the PONSHOP Online Store hosted by our friends at RedBubble.com.  Here you can get fine art prints, clothing, iPhone, iPad, and iPod cases and more – all with original designs by PONSHOP.

Select from over a dozen Original T-Shirt Designs by Gabriel Pons. Choose a graphic, specify a shirt color and size and it arrives at your doorstep.  All graphics are garment printed on American Apparel Clothing for the ultimate in comfort and style.

If you’re looking for unique gifts for family and friends, give the gift of art.  Browse through the PONSHOP Painting Portfolio and order art prints ranging in size from a greeting card to a large format poster.

We also feature a selection of our original artwork on the PONSHOP Etsy site.  Here you can find some of Scarlett's signature ceramic items including her Ceramic Sponge Holders, Letter Pendants, and Bowls.  Gabe's spray painted vinyl records and shop tees are also on Etsy.

Battleground Art Show: Nov 2-Dec 2, 2012

Friday, November 2 was the opening night for the "Battleground" Art Show at PONSHOP.  "Battleground " featured sixteen local artists' take on the anniversary of the Battle of Fredericksburg.  You can see the complete exhibition statement here.  Below are some pics from the opening including all work included in the show.  Thanks again to all of our contributing artists for making this such a memorable exhibit.  "Battleground" runs through December 2nd.  Please contact us if interested in purchasing artwork.

Participating artists include:  Kenny Brown, Nicholas Candela, J. Coleman, Adam Desio, Kelley Drake, Elstabo, Jeremy Gann, Bill Harris, Greg Howell, Chance Kenyon, Rob Landeck, Justin Lipuma, Kevin Murphy, Gabriel Pons, Scarlett Pons, and Mike Tschirn.

Second Annual Jewelry Show Announced

PONSHOP Studio and Gallery are pleased to announce that they will be hosting the second annual jewelry show for the month of December showcasing the work of eleven jewelry artists.

In keeping with the gallery’s format, all jewelry works on exhibition are original pieces handmade by local artists.  The exhibit will feature a wide variety of materials including upcycled items, beads, leather, ceramics, sterling silver, hand-colored resin, precious metal clay, as well as bullet casings.

The jewelry exhibit features the works of Leslie Brier, Terresa Buelow, Cirello Jewelry, Zakk Davis, Jeff Gulick, Nicole Hart, Lisa Latendress, Susan McLay, Scarlett Pons, Erica Voss and Sylvia White.  The exhibit will offer a wide price range of jewelry starting at twenty dollars.

The opening reception will include live demonstrations by Leslie Brier, Jeff Gulick, Lisa Latendress, and Erica Voss.

The gallery walls will include a group exhibition of featured PONSHOP artists including Nicholas Candela, Stephen Graham, Adam Desio, Jeremy Gann, Bill Harris, Ginger Huebner, Rob Landeck, Scarlett and Gabriel Pons.

Miss You NYC

The Pons family headed up to NYC in October to reunite with some old friends.  Below are pics from our romp through Manhattan:

Getting Paw-Litical: Cat Rally in Fredericksburg


October 6, 2012 marked the annual "Dog Parade" in downtown Fredericksburg.  While all of that is fine and good, we here at PONSHOP are cat people and felt that cats were being under represented in the city's public functions.  That morning, friends (and family) of PONSHOP got their "cat" on and raised awareness that although the city's cats may be taking a nap at that moment, they deserve some respect.  Below are pics from that eventful morning.  Thanks to all the folks and volunteers at this year's Fredericksburg Dog Fair for having a good sense of humor.  As we stated during our rally, "We're not anti-dog, we're pro-cat!"

"Battleground" Art Show Announced

Ponshop Studio and Gallery are excited to announce “Battleground”, an art exhibition dedicated to Fredericksburg’s identity as a historic battlefield site.  Curated by artist J. Coleman, “Battleground” explores the relationship between Fredericksburg’s civil war past and its impact on the present day.  “Battleground” also commemorates the 150-year anniversary of the Battle of Fredericksburg. All artists participating in the exhibit live in and around the city of Fredericksburg.

Participating artists include:  Kenny Brown, Nicholas Candela, J. Coleman, Adam Desio, Kelley Drake, Elstabo, Jeremy Gann, Bill Harris, Greg Howell, Chance Kenyon, Rob Landeck, Justin Lipuma, Kevin Murphy, Gabriel Pons, Scarlett Pons, Grady Spades, and Mike Tschirn.

Exhibition Statemen­t

150 years ago in 1852, from December 11-15, one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War took place in our hometown of Fredericksburg, Virginia.  The battle of Fredericksburg engaged a total of 172,500 soldiers (100,000 Confederate and 72,000 Union) and, at its end, resulted in an estimated 17,500 casualties.  The city was the site of the first urban combat during the Civil War and its buildings and infrastructure were left in ruin.

Since then Fredericksburg has persevered as a humble but vibrant commercial and cultural core to the region, transforming from a sleepy southern town to a commuter hub that is both rooted in nostalgia of the past and facing the challenges of present day.  For this exhibit, contemporary artists reflect on their experiences living and working in a city where its architecture, landscape, and monuments are a constant reminder of the conflict that took place one hundred and fifty years ago.

Please join us on Friday November 2 from 6-10pm for this exciting show.

Elstabo's Erotic Works: Opening Night

October 5, 2012: PONSHOP hosted an exclusive book signing and art show of Brooklyn-born Elstabo's erotic work.  The show featured fifteen original paintings on canvas as well as featured his recently published collection of erotic art: Elstabo Erotic Works.  Below are some pictures from the evening.  On behalf of Scarlett and I thanks to all the fans that came out to the show that evening and thanks to Elstabo for doing what he does best!  Elstabo's Erotic Works book and select paintings are on exhibit at PONSHOP through October 30.

Elstabo's Erotic Works: Art Show and Book Signing Announced

Opening Reception and Book Signing (one night only):  Friday, October 5, 6-10pm.  Adults 18 and over please.

PONSHOP will be hosting an exclusive one-night only art show and book signing of Brooklyn-born artist Elstabo’s latest book, Elstabo’s Erotic Works.  Elstabo is a versatile painter and graphic designer who attained his bachelor’s degree in fine art from the Fashion Institute of Technology.  His career strikes a balance between Fine Art, Illustration and Commercial Arts – exploring themes ranging from fantasy to erotica.

Erotic Works is the second self-published book by the artist.  The images selected for the book were selected from exhibitions he has participated in over the past six years across the United States as well as Canada and Europe.  Elstabo’s entrepreneurial spirit coupled with his graphic design background enabled him to design and create his own compilation of erotic artwork – specifically targeted for the fans of the genre.

Now a resident of Stafford, Virginia, Elstabo continues to be a prolific and active artist, taking on commissioned work from private clients.  His most recent exhibit was at ArteRotica Season IV in Brooklyn, New York this past August. He is currently affiliated Art Whino Gallery (National Harbor, Maryland) and has been exhibiting work at PONSHOP since March of this year. His published works can be found in “Aphrodisia: Art of the Female Form book” (Aristata Publishing), The World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today" by Erotic Signature.  His first self-published book, "Elstabo's Spanish Fly Series" can be found on Blurb.com.

2012 Art Attack Fredericksburg

September 8, 2012 marked the first annual "Art Attack Fredericksburg" event.  Local and regional artists took to the sidewalks of Caroline and William streets, set up their own outdoor studio, and created art for all to see.  Visitors watched as artists sketched, painted, created sculptures and pottery pieces. In addition, live performances by belly dancers and musicians added to the street scene.  After the day's tour of duty, the artists attended a picnic hosted by LibertyTown Arts Workshop.

Conceived by Bill Harris and Gabriel Pons, the mission of Art Attack is to show how incredibly rich this area is with talented artists and to showcase them doing what they do best.  Art Attack recruits included as many as 60 artists ranging in ages 13 to gracefully gray.  Below are just a handful of photographs from the day.  To find out more about Art Attack Fredericksburg, visit the Facebook Page.  There is also a video piece on Art Attack on Fredericksburg Live.com.

Writing on the Walls: Residential Commission Work

Here are some snapshots from a recent commission Gabriel Pons did for a residential client.  After seeing our shop bathroom and other installation work, she requested that Gabe create a catalog lettering  of "Hello" in a variety of languages. Pretty Meditative...

PONSHOP is available for commission work of this scope with prices ranging from $400 on up.   Contact us to inquire about custom painting installations and murals.

"September Group Show" Announcement

PONSHOP Studio and Gallery is excited to announce the September “First Friday” opening reception.  The gallery will be featuring the latest ceramics by co-owner Scarlett Pons as well new plush creations by PONSHOP’s most recent artist, Ashleigh Burbidge.  PONSHOP is also excited to feature Julie Maida’s hand painted bowls and trivets.  Creating everything from functional home goods to prints and paintings, her use of strong colors and elegant line work are sure to enhance any space.

Held over from August’s “Tailor Made 2” exhibit, PONSHOP boasts a wide array of new t-shirt designs from co-owner Gabriel Pons as well as clothing brands Icy Grape Incident, Nightmare Inc. and Somaphony.  Also in the gallery are recent photographs by Adam DeSio and Stephen Graham. Join us on Friday September 7 from 6-10pm for a special evening celebrating the creativity of our local community.

PONSHOP gallery continues to feature over thirty artists creating everything from fine art and ceramics to jewelry, clothing, and accessories. PONSHOP is offering a unique and fun art curriculum for all ages in their fall workshops including a scholarship opportunity for six students in the “Mapping History” project.  For a current class schedule, visit the PONSHOP online.

Opening Reception:  Friday September 7, 6-10pm

Exhibition Dates: September 7 - September 30, 2012

PONSHOP Tees: Fall 2012

The Ponshop racks are packed with new art tees for guys and girls from August's Tailor Made 2 exhibit.  Thad and Rose are back modeling Gabe's original artwork tees featuring the Elephant Riders and Crane illustrations.  Get Back-to-School ready or rock your favorite artist's work by picking up a PONSHOP tee.  All shirts are professionally screen printed on American Apparel tees ($22 each). Men's sizes: xs,sm,med,lg,xl.  Women's sizes: sm, med, lg.

Student Work: Architect's Eyes, July 2012

Fredericksburg is a great place for historic precedents in architecture.  In this 3-session class, Gabriel Pons gave a "sketch" tour of the city - exploring the city's most significant (and interesting) structures.  Below are snapshots from the workshop including the student's sketchbook pages.

PONSHOP offers art classes year-round.  For a current class schedule, Click Here.

PONSHOP Stencil Tutorial: Cutting a Stencil


As part of a collaboration with one of our summer intern, Isaac Whalen, we did a series of video tutorials to compliment the "Intro to Street Art" and "Skate to Create" workshops held at the studio.  Gabriel Pons of PONSHOP Studio and Gallery gives an instructional video on cutting a paper stencil intended for spray paint.  Part 1 incorporates tips to cutting a precise stencil that may be used later for creating other artworks.

PONSHOP Stencil Tutorial: Spraying a Stencil


Gabriel Pons of PONSHOP Studio and Gallery gives an instructional video on basic spray painting techniques with a paper stencil. Part 2 is a continuation of Stencil Workshop Part 1 and incorporates pro tips to using your cut stencil as a base of an art piece.

PONSHOP Stencil Tutorial: Stencil Design


Gabriel Pons of PONSHOP Studio and Gallery gives an instructional video on how to generate a stencil design from a hand-sketched illustration.  This tutorial focuses on creating a one-layer stencil using trace paper and card stock.

Student Work: Make Your Mark, July 2012

As part of our summer workshop serires, PONSHOP Artist Leslie Brier held the "Make your Mark" class during the third week of July.  In three 0ne-hour sessions, her student created a number of fun stamps designs as well as a mini stamp book to continue working in.  Below are photos from the session.

PONSHOP offers classes each month in a variety of media.  For a current class schedule, Click Here.

PONSHOP 2012 Fall Class Schedule Announced

It is "Back to School" for the PONSHOP as well.  We are excited to announce our Fall Schedule of classes.  Our schedule runs from September through December and includes twelve different art workshops ranging from painting and ceramics to photography and jewelry design.  To view our class schedule, simply visit our Classes Page and download the printable schedule and registration form.

Student Work: Adult Stencil and Mixed Media, July 2012

July's Adult Stencil and Mixed Media workshop boasted three motivated students.  In the three 1.5-hour sessions, students worked with collage, acrylic painting and stencil/spray painting.  Below are pics from the sessions including the final pieces.

For a current PONSHOP Class Schedule, Click Here.