"Portal to History" Premiere Event

Friday, February 8th marked the release of the "Portal to History" children's walking map.  The Fredericksburg visitor's center collaborated with PONSHOP studio to facilitate a 6-week long workshop that engaged 8 local scholarship students in documenting some key historic sites in the city's downtown and creating a brochure with their findings.  The premiere brought together all the students and their family as well as participating teachers/organizers to celebrate the completion of the project.  The visitor center's auditorium walls displayed the student's sketchbook pages.  There was also a slideshow of photos taken throughout the workshop.  Julie Perry of the Fredericksburg Visitor Center and Kerry Devine of the City Council gave their congratulations to the students.

PONSHOP would like to thank the following for their contribution to the "Portal to History" project:

Julie Perry (Fredericksburg Visitor Center), The University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts, The Fredericksburg Area Museum and Cultural Center, The George Washington Foundation, Washington Heritage Museums.  All participating students and their parents.

The walking map is available at the Fredericksburg Visitor Center as well as PONSHOP.  You can also download it as a PDF.  Click Here for more about the "Portal to History" Project.