Student Work 2013: Kids Collage and Mixed Media

Kids-Collage-04_web Do not believe the misconception that if you cannot draw, then you are not artistic! In three 1.5 hour classes, students were introduced to various techniques, including collage, stenciling, ink, and more. From developing beginning ideas to executing mixed media artwork, instructor Gabriel Pons, guided students in strengthening the connection between the creative mind and hand. Students completed this course with a finished piece on canvas.

Come join us at the PONSHOP with your ideas and we will supply all materials and instruction. Click Here to view our current class schedule.  For further questions, contact PONSHOP.

Student Work 2013: Intro to Street Art

Street-Art-21_web Students honed their stenciling and spray-painting skills in this series of three 1.5 hour workshops. Instructor Gabriel Pons lead the class in developing their designs, cutting paper stencils, and perfecting their spray-painting.  Working on various media, including wood panels and vinyl records, students leave the course with a work of art and the knowledge to continue making on their own.  Below is a selection of photos from our 2013 series of "Intro to Street Art" classes:

Want to be introduced to the street art? Come join us at PONSHOP with your ideas and we will supply all materials, instruction, and history of street art.  Click Here to view our current class schedule.  For further questions, contact PONSHOP.

Student Work 2013: Leslie Brier Workshops


Local mixed media artist Leslie Brier has offered many workshops here at PONSHOP ranging from jewelry making, robot building, and assemblage art. By checking out the photo gallery below, you can see what happened last year including zen tangle drawings and recycled arts. In 2014, Brier has already shared her expertise on collage and assemblage techniques. Coming up in March are her jewelry courses on creating rolled paper beads and earring construction.

Brier's courses are perfect for students of all skill levels interested in a one-hour workshop.  Click Here to view our current class schedule.  For further questions, contact PONSHOP. Cost includes all materials and you leave with your own one-of-a-kind art piece!

Adult Collage and Mixed Media 2013

AdultMixedMedia03_webThere is a misconception that if you cannot draw well, then you are not artistic. In three 1.5 hour classes, adult students of all skill levels sharpened their skills in collage, stenciling, acrylic painting, and more. Instructor Gabriel Pons lead students from developing beginning ideas to executing mixed media artwork. Pulling imagery from magazines and cutting stencils are few of the techniques used in this class to create with. Students leave this class with a finished piece on canvas.

Want to expand upon your art-making skills or simply have fun creating something new? Click Here to view our current class schedule.  For further questions, contact PONSHOP.

Student Work 2013: Skate to Create

Skate10_web In this series of three 1.5 hour workshops, students of all skill levels designed and painted their own skateboard deck using stencil and spray paint techniques.  Instructor Gabriel Pons guided them from initial brainstorming through developing their illustrations into a layered stencil design.  After refining their designs, students chose their color palette, cut their stencils, and spray-painted their own boards.  Below is a selection of photos from 2013's Skate to Create workshops.

You leave this class, Skate to Create, with a one-of-a-kind art deck of your own design and the knowledge to make many more! To create a custom skateboard, bring your ideas and PONSHOP will supply all materials and stenciling/spray painting instruction. Click Here to view our current class schedule.  For further questions, contact the PONSHOP.

2013 Jewelry Show (Recap)

2013_November First Friday_web16 Below are pics from our annual Jewelry Show which took place on Friday, November 1, 2013.  We featured the works of Leslie Brier, Terresa Buelow, Matthew Cirello and Jasmine Lee as AMORDIVIN, Jodi Habel, Lisa Latendress, Trish Schornagel, Erica Voss, and Sylvia White.

December Small Works Show Announced

2013_December Promo_web_03PONSHOP Studio and Gallery is excited to celebrate the holidays with their annual small works show in December.  The opening reception will be “First Friday” December 6, from 6-10pm. This year’s small works show will include new ceramic work by PONSHOP co-owner Scarlett Pons, who has created Fredericksburg themed mugs, Ramen bowls and ceramic ornaments in a variety of colors and patterns. Gabriel Pons will be releasing his latest T-shirt designs: the Octopus (green and white) and the “Hip Hop Origins” Tee.  The gallery is also filled with new work from nine jewelers, four t-shirt vendors as well as handmade home accessories from local artists.  Gift inspirations include limited edition art prints, custom painted skateboards, comic book wallets and plush toys.

The gallery walls will include a group show of small works by featured PONSHOP artists including: Cameron Limbrick, Adam Desio, Steven Graham, Julie Maida, Crystal and Kevin Rodrigue, Stacey Schultze and James Walker.

For our customer’s convenience, PONSHOP will have extended holiday hours Friday and Saturday from 10am–8pm, Sunday noon–5pm, and Monday through Thursday from 10am–6pm.

Exhibition Dates: December 6–31, 2013

Live in Art Show at Amelia Square: Photos

2013-Amelia-Square_web_02Saturday, November 9 was the opening reception for the "Live in Art" show at Amelia Square.  Below is a photo gallery of the exhibition which will be open through Sunday, December 8.  Thanks to all of our participating artists as well as Simply Home, Coldwell Banker Cyber Elite and Impressions for their contributions in making this event such a success.  View the Artist List and Click Here for more about the Live in Art show.

Live in Art Show at Amelia Square: Opening Reception November 9

Amelia_Elevation_webPONSHOP Studio and Gallery is pleased to announce the “Live in Art” Showcase at Amelia Square (1099 Winchester Street, Fredericksburg).  The opening reception is Saturday, November 9, 2013. This is an exclusive opportunity to view and purchase artwork for the home.  PONSHOP is collaborating with Coldwell Banker Elite and Simply Home Builders, to host an exhibit in one of the recently constructed high-end brownstones at Amelia Square (located on the corner of Amelia and Winchester Street Fredericksburg). A select group of local and regional artists have been invited to participate in this event by contributing work that corresponds with the theme of the show “Live in Art” - reinforcing the residential nature of the project through professionally crafted artwork. Typically, the public views fine art in a gallery or museum setting. In this case, “Live in Art” features locally made fine art, ceramics and furniture where it resides once acquired – in the home. This is an opportunity to view and buy artwork in a comfortable and elegant setting and support the vibrant Fredericksburg art scene.  The selected artwork is decisively contemporary, and includes signature pieces that fit the spirit of these new brownstones constructed in historic Downtown Fredericksburg.

Gabriel Pons will be selling limited edition prints of one of the feature paintings from the show-a map of Fredericksburg that includes the entire historic downtown and the recent inclusion of the Amelia Square project.  Scarlett Pons will be including an eight-piece ceramic dinner set to be included in the dining room.  Local acclaimed furniture designer, Kaleo Kala will be exhibiting a new custom-built coffee table, and the walls of the home will be adorned with paintings from over ten artists.

“Live in Art” will be featuring work by: Leslie Brier, Daniel Christie, Adam Desio, Ashleigh Dueker, Betsy Glassie, Bill Harris, Kaleo Kala, Rob Landeck, Patte Ormsby, Carol Phifer, Scarlett Pons, Gabriel Pons, Ana Rendich, Crystal Rodrigue, Kevin Rodrigue and James Walker.

Mask and Mirror Workshop Announced

Mask_Mirror_promo_webGabriel Pons will be the guest instructor for a mask-making workshop called, "Mask and Mirror" at the Fredericksburg Area Museum and Cultural Center in November.  Online Registration is now open!

The "Mask and Mirror"  workshop explores the theme of adornment and how different cultures modify the surface of the body for decorative, aesthetic, and cultural purposes.  This fascination with marking and altering our appearance is evident in contemporary culture exemplified in the cosmetic industry and the mainstream proliferation of the tattoo industry.  Students will create their own mask using a prefabricated blank form and customize it using paper collage techniques, acrylic paint, and colored pencils.  The effort of the exercise will be to encourage students to "look within" themselves and project their passions, interests, and voice on a three dimensional canvas.  Whereas a conventional mask is meant to conceal one's identity, the intent of these masks is to reveal the student's personality and hopefully discover something new along the way.
When: Saturday, November 23, 2013 10am-noon.
Where: Fredericksburg Area Museum and Cultural Center (1001 Princess Anne Street, Fredericksburg, Virginia)
Ages: 13+
Cost:  $45 per student

Call for Commission Work: Ceramics and Painting

Commission-Promo_01Believe it or not, the holidays are right around the corner and Scarlett and I have the perfect solution for gifting that special someone.  We invite you to work with us to create a custom painting (on canvas, skateboard, or 12" vinyl record) or ceramic piece (ranging from yarn bowls to specialty platters, soup bowls and kitchen items).  We are currently taking orders on custom work through November 15, 2013.  To get the ball rolling, simply contact us via email.  For more information, you can view the range of Scarlett's commission work Here and you can view Gabe's most notable commission work Here.

Third Annual Jewelry Show Announced

Jewelry-Show_promo01_webPONSHOP Studio and Gallery are pleased to announce that they will be hosting the third annual jewelry show for the month of November showcasing the work of nine jewelry artists.  The opening reception is Friday, November First from 6-10pm.  The jewelry exhibit features the works of Leslie Brier, Terresa Buelow, Matthew Cirello and Jasmine Lee as AMORDIVIN, Jodi Habel, Lisa Latendress, Trish Schornagel, Erica Voss, and Sylvia White. In keeping with the gallery’s format, the jewelry works in the exhibition are original pieces handmade by local artists.  The exhibit will feature a wide variety of materials including upcycled items such as silverware and wine bottles, beads, leather, ceramics, sterling silver, copper, brass, hand-colored resin, precious metal clay, as well as sea glass and dichroic glass.

The show will also include other jewelry works by Zakk Davis, Jeff Gulick and Courtney Fishback.  This exhibit will serve as a great “sneak peek” for what PONSHOP will be offering during the holiday season.  The gallery walls will include a group exhibition of featured PONSHOP artists including Nicholas Candela, Stephen Graham, Adam Desio, Crystal and Kevin Rodrigue, Gabriel Pons and more.

The Jewelry Show exhibit runs from November 1 – 30, 2013.

Opening Reception: October Group Show

Dueker_webFriday, October 4 was the opening reception of our Group Show featuring the work of Baltimore-based painter, Ashleigh Dueker.  Below are photos from that evening.  Thanks to all our fans who came out for the night and a big "thank you" to Ashleigh and her family for making the trek down from Baltimore.  October's Group show runs through October 27. Ashleigh's "Windows" series reflects upon her experiences over the past years working as a Peace Corps volunteer in Mali, West Africa and her subsequent transition back to life in the United States.  The three works she's contributed to the October show, "An Unfinished Life", "Sojourn", and "Home" explore these recent experiences, touching on themes such as emotional closure, spirituality, and the inherent relationship that we create with our environment.

"Unconditional" Art Show at Foundation Gallery

Carroll-Street-View-2002_web Friday, September 20 ,2013 was the opening reception for "Unconditional" at Foundation Gallery and Liveroom.  Curated by James Walker, "Unconditional" explores the intimate relationship we have with our companion animals.  A portion of the proceeds from the show go to the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation, a non-profit animal rescue organization that saves the lives of thousands of homeless and abandoned pets each year.  Gabriel Pons contributed a mixed media piece (above) in this exclusive group show.

Contributing Artists include:  Sylvia Ortiz, Jonathan Ashe, Keyhan Lee, HKS181, Drew Graham, Jeremy Gann, Malia Rae, Matt Corrado, and James Walker.

"Vivify" Mural Commission - Photos

2013-Vivify-Progress021_webBelow is a chronology of the outdoor mural commission I completed for Vivify Burger & Lounge in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  I worked with the clients (who also own Bistro Bethem across the street) to produce a custom painting that embodied the charge of the new eatery. The concept sketch basically sent me on the path of formalizing my idea for Vivify.  "Vivify" means to bring movement and life to something.  The owners' goal is to host a space that pulses with the energy of the city's downtown, and that is also reflected by the tastes and smells from the eatery and lounge.  What better way  to express the vibrance of the lounge than  in a colorful "canopy" of words.  The piece turned into a family crest of sorts and incorporated the Bethem's names around the center.

The rear of the restaurant opens up to a two-story patio space with stairs leading to a roof deck which provides a great view of the city.  I was excited to work on such rich and fun project this summer.  Thanks to the Bethem family for the opportunity and thanks to my assistant, Jeff Gulick, for his consistent help throughout.

Fredericksburg's Second Annual Art Attack Event

ArtAttack2013_038web Saturday September 14, 2013 marked the second annual “Art Attack” event in Downtown Fredericksburg.  Organized by Gabriel Pons and Bill Harris, "Art Attack" is a grass roots public art event open to any "recruits" that are willing to demonstrate their art for one day on the city streets.  The historic downtown was filled with  approximately eighty local and regional artists creating original artwork for all to see. The public witnessed a wide range of mediums from paintings and sculptures to drawings. Fine artists were not the only ones to come out and showcase their talents. Live performers such as belly dancers and musicians participated in the "Attack" also. At the end of day, all participants were invited to a picnic hosted by PONSHOP in the backyard of their gallery.  For more about Art Attack Fredericksburg, visit their Facebook Page.

2013 G40 Opening Weekend Photos

G40-2013-09-13_029 Below are some pics from the opening weekend of the 2013 G40 Summit hosted by Art Whino.  This year's event site repurposed a formerly abandoned church in Southwest DC and transformed it into a venue for music, fine art, and performance.  Additionally, Art Whino has founded Blind Whino, a non-profit organization with events programming based in the arts and culture of DC.  For more about this year's G40 and the current schedule of events, Click Here.

September Group Show Opening Reception

First-Friday-2013-09-0616_web September 6, 2013 marked PONSHOP Studio and Gallery’s “First Friday” opening reception. The gallery featured the latest works by PONSHOP artists Crystal and Kevin Rodrigue, Nicholas Candela, Jeremy Gann, Adam DeSio and Gabriel Pons.  The gallery also exhibited photographs by Stephen Graham, ceramics by Scarlett Pons, the latest cute plush creations by Ashleigh Burbidge and mixed media creations by Leslie Brier. Below are some photographs from the evening.

October Art Exhibit featuring Ashleigh Dueker

Dueker_An-Unfinished-Life_webPONSHOP Studio and Gallery announces their October “First Friday” opening reception on October 4, 2013 (6-10pm). The gallery will be premiering the artwork of Maryland-based artist, Ashleigh Dueker. Ashleigh Dueker is a painter who draws creative inspiration from life experiences.  She has lived in several countries in West Africa for two and a half years focusing on health and development work.  Most of her recent work comes from the hardships faced from the famine, coups, and evacuation endured in Mali as recent as 2012.  Her main goal when creating paintings is to inspire the viewer and encourage them to see their life in a different light.

Additional fine artists on exhibit include Crystal and Kevin Rodrigue, Nicholas Candela, Jeremy Gann, Adam DeSio and Gabriel Pons. In addition the gallery will be exhibiting photographs by Stephen Graham, ceramics by Scarlett Pons as well as the latest plush creations from Ashleigh Burbidge and mixed media assemblages by Leslie Brier.

PONSHOP gallery continues to feature over fourteen jewelers and artists who create fun personal accessories and over twenty other artists creating everything from fine art and ceramics to plush toys, clothing, and accessories for the home.

Exhibition Dates: October 4-27, 2013

2013 G40 Art Summit: September 13-October 6

Friday, September 13th kicks off a month-long series of art events for the 2013 G40 Art Summit in Washington, DC (734 1st St SW 20024).  Gabriel Pons joins hundreds of other lowbrow and contemporary artists from around the nation in this annual event organized by Art Whino.  Art Whino will be teaming up with Suite Nation to present a month-long, multi-experiential Art Summit with musical performances and large scale murals in DC.  This year’s theme is the “Art of Transformation” and the exploration of reclaimed spaces and objects.  The location of this year’s summit is in a nineteenth-century church which has been vacant for twenty years.  The site will be an all encompassing art experience with every inch of the space covered with works of art. For a complete list of events, visit the Art Whino website
Gabe's piece for the show, titled "Una Barca", was constructed from sheets of plywood recovered from their former "stage" at PONSHOP built for the Public/Private group show in 2011.  The original inspiration for the piece came from the biblical story of Moses who, as a baby, was placed in a raft and sent adrift on the Nile to escape the wrath of the Egyptian Pharaoh who ordered all newborn Hebrew boys to be killed.  This narrative sparked an interest in creating a piece that spoke to the present day condition of refugees around the world and the quiet potential of a child.
Una Barca, mixed media on wood, 16"x42"
"Una Barca" , mixed media on wood, 16"x42"