Fredericksburg Academy

PONSHOP at Fredericksburg Academy

September 26, 2008: Gabriel Pons gave a guest workshop to the 4th and 5th grade students at Fredericksburg Academy about Map-Making. Pons gave a brief slide presentation to students which showed his collection of maps from around the world and how his architectural studies led to his endeavors in painting and collage.

Map of Easter Island (above). Stone Moai (below).Detail of Florence, Italy (above). Ponte Vecchio (below).A composite projection of downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia.
...turned into a mixed media painting on canvas. "The River is the Portal" by Gabriel Pons, 30"x30"

Students were then given a drawing exercise to map several items that hold importance to them in their lives: their home, school, the downtown, the river, and other landmarks. Line, shape, and symbol become the coded language for their drawings.

Student drawing (detail)
At the end of the session, students had a chance to share their maps with one another - "how are they different, how are they similar?"

Thanks to Art Instructor Mirinda Reynolds and the faculty of Fredericksburg Academy. This "Visiting Artists" program is now in its second year and, from the students' response, an event to look forward to.

PONSHOP visits Fredericksburg Academy

November 16th, 2007. Scarlett Suhy-Pons paid a visit to the art classes of Fredericksburg Academy where she gave a presentation to fourth and fifth grade students about her experience as a ceramic artist. Her talk focused on her interest in the history of pottery and how the art of making pots transcends geographic and cultural boundaries throughout history. Scarlett seeks her inspiration by studying the forms and methods used around the globe.

Historic precedent: Jamon Pottery circa. 10,000 BC
Native American Bowl, 1979
Students then initiated a clay project where they made their own snowflake designs.
October 27th, 2007. Gabriel Pons gave a lecture to students about how his love of skateboarding and art have influenced his career as an artist. He shared with students a selection of his custom painted skateboards as well as his paintings on canvas and spoke about the process he undertakes when developing one of his signature skateboard designs.Skateboarding magazines and deck graphics, album cover artwork, and
comic books fueled his love for drawing and painting.

Fredericksburg Academy Art Instructor Mirinda Reynolds shows students how Pons's compositions are made by layering both found images and paint on canvas.

Students had the opportunity to get creative and develop their own skateboard graphic.

Special thanks to Mirinda Reynolds of Fredericksburg Academy for organizing the monthly "LibertyTown Visiting Artists Program." Her initiative to further integrate local artists with the community benefits both students and the artists. Thanks to all the participating faculty and aides for making these presentations so worthwhile.