LibertyTown Arts Workshop

Work in Progress for "Chain Reaction" Show

I've been working on this drawing/painting for a while now. First it was simply going to be a stencil, then an intricate screen print, now it's gonna be what it's gonna be...

This portrait is inspired by the character Ophelia in Shakespeare's "Hamlet". Ophelia met her end by (presumably) drowning and even though many artists have painted her in the past, I've always been interested in portraying her character visually. Below is a pic of the finished piece.

“Ophelia, Daughter of Polonius”, Mixed Media on Wood, 24”x24”

This painting will be part of the "Chain Reaction" show opening up in September at Liberty Town Arts Workshop in Fredericksburg, Virginia. It's a neat format. LibertyTown Founder, Dan Finnegan, selected three artists, those three artists selected three artists, and finally an exponential wave of 27 more artists gets added to the list. "Chain Reaction" hopes to be a great cross section of our creativity in our region. The opening reception is Friday September 3 from 6-9pm.

The Matrix of artists on exhibit next month at LibertyTown: 916 Liberty Street Fredericksburg, Virginia.
(click to enlarge)

Latest Painting: "Hush"

"Hush", Collage, Acrylic, Spray Paint on Wood, 18"x24" $475.

"Hush" (detail)

I'm excited to announce that "Hush" will be part of a juried exhibition at LibertyTown Arts Workshop during the month of October. About Face: Portraits In All Media will feature works from artists in the region in a variety of media. Check it out:

About Face: Portraits In All Media October 2- November 1, 2009
LibertyTown Arts Workshop, 916 Liberty Street, Fredericksburg, VA
Opening Reception: Friday October 2, 6-9pm

Friends of LibertyTown: May 2009

"...Until the End of the World #2", Mixed Media on Wood, 16"x16"

Gabriel Pons and fellow LibertyTown Artists are participating in a group show to benefit LibertyTown Arts Workshop for the month of May. Below is the Announcement from LibertyTown, celebrating its sixth year this month. Pitch in and support your local art scene and walk home with a masterpiece!

The painting I've contributed (above) is the twin of one of my collage pieces I completed earlier this year. "...Until the End of the World #2" is created from old maps, newspapers from around the world and of course a series of stencil patterns I've meticulously been drawing/cutting over the past months (see also the t-shirt design available).

LibertyTown Patron's Show Announcement, May 2009

May 1- May 29
“LibertyTown Patrons’ Show:A Show To Benefit LibertyTown"
Recent work donated by LibertyTown, Local and Regional Artists

With the purchase of a ticket ($100) you will be able to select and go home with an artwork* (value ranges from $150 upwards) that is in the Patrons’ Show. Artwork includes 2-D and 3-D work donated by LibertyTown, Local and Regional Artists which will be on exhibit in the Main Gallery of LibertyTown all May.

* but not necessarily your first choice…keep reading!

As a ticket holder, you are invited to attend the BIG EVENT on May 29th beginning at 7pm, when our emcee for the evening will begin drawing ticket numbers. As your number is drawn, you are to select/announce the piece you would like. That means that you may not get your first choice… you may actually be the last ticket drawn… but all work in the show has been selected by a juror to ensure its value and quality.

That is why you are encouraged to fill out a “Wish List” of your favorite pieces in the show prior to MAY 29, so that when you come on May 29, you will be ready to select your piece when your number is drawn.

In addition, we will also have a raffle all May for the chance to “win” a ticket to the event! Raffle tickets will be on sale in the gallery for $5.

All funds will go to the running, growing and prospering of LibertyTown Arts Workshop! We thank you for your continued support!

"Point of Connection" Exhibit: October 2008

Scarlett will be participating in the "Point of Connection" exhibit at LibertyTown Arts Workshop in October. This exhibition is an exclusive collaboration of painters, fiber artists, and ceramic artists at LibertyTown.

This exhibition runs from October 1-30, 2008
Opening Reception is part of Fredericksburg's First Friday Art Walk: October 3, 5-9pm
LibertyTown Arts Workshop, 916 Liberty Street, Fredericksburg, Virginia

Visit This Link on for an overiew and video of a selection of the artists.

I'll be posting some select photos of the work soon. For more information, visit the LibertyTown Website.

Summer Workshops: Intro to Street Art (June 2008)

The "Intro to Street Art" June workshop offered students a brief history lesson in graffiti and street art while allowing them to draw, write, spray and collage on their own 48"x24" panel.
Andrew made four stencils and several sketches to compose his piece.
Drew literally attacked the painting with an arsenal of stencils and markers. Simon found an opportunity to make an oversized poster for his band. July will come and go before you know it - so if you'd like to sign up for any of the PONSHOP Art Workshops, click here for a summer schedule.

Five Years: LibertyTown Arts Workshop

May 17, 2008 LibertyTown Arts Workshop celebrated its five-year anniversary this past weekend with a Friday Night Gala and a Saturday Open House. We were a bit too busy during Friday's Gala to shoot any photos, but Scarlett managed to snap a few pics during Saturday's event. Thanks to all of you who came out for the anniversary to support Fredericksburg's largest fine art facility.

The Spinners and Weavers Guild set up this big woven spiderweb for the kids.
LibertyTown Founder Dan Finnegan (right) and friends of LibertyTown.
A scavenger hunt was set up for visiting children to explore all of the artists' studios...
Painter Rob Landeck demonstrated his blues-inspired painting techniques.
Bill Harris in his studio: oil painting on canvas.
Scarlett demonstrated her ceramic skills that afternoon as well...
Tiffany Yates held down her mother's art studio and demonstrated her clay hand building skills.
There was a Wood Turning Demo in the garden during the afternoon.
Here's a sequence of the mural I initiated that weekend on the LibertyTown facade. Thanks to Hsi Mei Yates for her help in preparing the composition.If interested in supporting LibertyTown Arts Workshop, become a supporting member and get involved: Click Here and select "Membership".

Street Art Workshops: April 2008

April's Street Art Workshops were an adventure. My students worked very hard to bring their pieces to life over the three two-hour sessions. Below are some pics of of their work. Good job guys! Tristan had a stack of personal sketches to choose from, but he used his favorite drawings to implement his two final pieces (above).Robert worked on a set of his most sophisticated stencil sets to date. The results were quite good (below):Conor's 24"x48" piece was inspired by an Elliot Smith album cover. He generated a set of 3 stencils to pull this off...
Knick took no time getting down to business. By the second session, he turned a robot doodle into a 20" wide stencil design. (above) Step #1 Draw...

Step #2 (carefully) Cut

Step #3 Spray...

The finished piece.

For more information about PONSHOP classes, view the current PONSHOP Class Schedule.

Skate To Create: Winter 2008

The New Year was ushered in with three new "Skate To Create" workshop students.
Below are some pics of the student work:
Conor drew his inspiration from the "concrete jungle"- juxtaposing city skyline with a jungle landscape.
Tyler brought his own character "Mohawk Man" to life for his deck graphic.
Don't let her smile fool you - Winnie was all about skulls and flames for her design.

As always, these PONSHOP students worked rigorously throughout the 3 two hour session classes and I can only hope that they are as proud of their work as I am. For more information about PONSHOP classes, click here.

PONSHOP in December

December 14th, 2007. We've recovered from last week's "First Friday" excitement and our studio is now filled to the brim with work. Below are some pics from the studio taken this week as well as some of the new work from Scarlett and I. Visit us at LibertyTown Arts Workshop this month for the Small Works show in the main gallery. I also have paintings on exhibit at Art First Gallery, (824 Caroline Street) this month as part of the Holiday Gala Exhibit.

Scarlett expanded her ceramic fabrications this year to include earrings ($18-$21)These hand-made scarves include ceramic buttons. $32
Back by popular demand, Scarlett has also made dozens of lightweight, elegant snowflake ornaments.$10 "New Nefertiti (mini) #2" by Gabriel Pons, spray paint on wood, 16"x10" $75 "Judith (Before) #2" by Gabriel Pons, spray paint and collage on canvas, 12"x12" $95"Judith (After) #1" by Gabriel Pons, spray paint and collage on canvas, 12"x12" $95

PONSHOP visits Fredericksburg Academy

November 16th, 2007. Scarlett Suhy-Pons paid a visit to the art classes of Fredericksburg Academy where she gave a presentation to fourth and fifth grade students about her experience as a ceramic artist. Her talk focused on her interest in the history of pottery and how the art of making pots transcends geographic and cultural boundaries throughout history. Scarlett seeks her inspiration by studying the forms and methods used around the globe.

Historic precedent: Jamon Pottery circa. 10,000 BC
Native American Bowl, 1979
Students then initiated a clay project where they made their own snowflake designs.
October 27th, 2007. Gabriel Pons gave a lecture to students about how his love of skateboarding and art have influenced his career as an artist. He shared with students a selection of his custom painted skateboards as well as his paintings on canvas and spoke about the process he undertakes when developing one of his signature skateboard designs.Skateboarding magazines and deck graphics, album cover artwork, and
comic books fueled his love for drawing and painting.

Fredericksburg Academy Art Instructor Mirinda Reynolds shows students how Pons's compositions are made by layering both found images and paint on canvas.

Students had the opportunity to get creative and develop their own skateboard graphic.

Special thanks to Mirinda Reynolds of Fredericksburg Academy for organizing the monthly "LibertyTown Visiting Artists Program." Her initiative to further integrate local artists with the community benefits both students and the artists. Thanks to all the participating faculty and aides for making these presentations so worthwhile.

PONSHOP Class: Street Art (October 2007)

Rob and Tristan are PONSHOP veterans and we've been through a lot together at my studio. Below are some pics of their most recent workshop. Instead of doing spray paint on wood boards - they opted for a more "public" and personal canvas. Good Work guys.

Tristan adorns a black tee with paint markers.Robert cuts out his stencil layers.
1) Lay down stencil 2) Mask with paper 3) Hit it with paint Tristan and his "Fat Chick" graphicRobert finishes his "Street Can" Tee

For more about PONSHOP Workshops, click here

August Street Art Workshop

It has been a long and hot summer. While some kids sought refuge in their air-conditioned living rooms playing the latest X-Box games, these guys battled the 90+ heat and got creative with spray paint. August's Street Art Workshop was a series of three 2-hour sessions where students practiced the fundamentals of the spray can...
Tristan laid down a background pattern before carving out his graffiti lettering.

Robert had an idea to blow-up one of his anime-inspired drawings and apply it to his spray painted background.
Max took his first stab at using spray paint, practicing outlines and fills to create his own cartoon-like character.

Thanks to all the students and parents for a fun summer workshop. For more information about PONSHOP Art Classes and a current class schedule, click here.

Works in Progress: August 2007

We are hard at work making new and interesting art for the fall. In fact, in October, Scarlett and I will be teaming up with fellow LibertyTown artist (and good friend) Rob Landeck for a show at Bistro Bethem in Fredericksburg, VA. Below are some recent snapshots taken late night in the studio:

PONSHOP Workshop: Skate To Create July 2007

The "Skate To Create" classes by far have been the most popular PONSHOP workshop over the past year. Kids just seem drawn to the idea of creating a skateboard graphic that is truly their own creation - and that's a great thing. Below are two of my most recent students. Both of them gave 110% for each class and we had a great time.
For the latest PONSHOP class schedule, click here.

Nick's "Music Man" graphic took a whopping 5 stencil layers to create including the background. That's a lot of drawing, cutting, and painting in a 3-session period. He pulled it off though, congrats Nick.

Christian's first sketch was 1/4 the size of his finished piece. After a brief desk critique, he decided to make his "crime boss" bigger, badder, and more monumental on the deck.

For more pics of PONSHOP's "Skate to Create" classes, click the links below:
May 2007
November 2006

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July 2006

PONSHOP Studio version 2.0

It's been approximately 20 months since Scarlett and I moved into our space at LibertyTown Arts Workshop and we decided to make some minor modifications to our studio to keep things fresh. We've repainted the inside and outside walls as well as took off the interior door and window to make more space for our work. Our tee shirts now have a more prominent display area too. Scarlett suspended the clothes rack from the ceiling to minimize the clutter. Below are some pics. Be sure to visit us this summer...

A brighter, cleaner, outside display area with new MONO Skateboards and shirts
Removing the window allows Scarlett to showcase her lamps or hanging pottery