Half Pipe

Art Whino Announces "Destroy and Create" Show opening February 20

Boundless Brooklyn Progress

Gabe is excited to participate in "Destroy and Create" a skateboard ramp-themed group show organized by Art Whino celebrating the release of Boundless Brooklyn's Half Pipe model kit.

Boundless Brooklyn is a New York-based company that creates miniature cardboard models of the urban environment's most iconic structures.  The Brooklyn Water Tower model has been a popular teaching tool for kids and adults who enjoy constructing and adorning the city's architectural icons.  PONSHOP is proud to carry Boundless Brooklyn kits and will be offering a model workshop in March.

The opening reception for "Destroy and Create" is Saturday, February 20 (8-11pm) at Blind Whino SW Arts Club, 700 Delaware Avenue, SW Washington, DC. For more information, visit Blind Whino.