Art Whino Announces "Destroy and Create" Show opening February 20

Boundless Brooklyn Progress

Gabe is excited to participate in "Destroy and Create" a skateboard ramp-themed group show organized by Art Whino celebrating the release of Boundless Brooklyn's Half Pipe model kit.

Boundless Brooklyn is a New York-based company that creates miniature cardboard models of the urban environment's most iconic structures.  The Brooklyn Water Tower model has been a popular teaching tool for kids and adults who enjoy constructing and adorning the city's architectural icons.  PONSHOP is proud to carry Boundless Brooklyn kits and will be offering a model workshop in March.

The opening reception for "Destroy and Create" is Saturday, February 20 (8-11pm) at Blind Whino SW Arts Club, 700 Delaware Avenue, SW Washington, DC. For more information, visit Blind Whino.

March is D.I.Y Month at PONSHOP


PONSHOP Studio and Gallery is excited to announce our March “First Friday” event rescheduled for March 13, from 6-10pm.  PONSHOP has designated March to be Do It Yourself month by introducing two new products to the shop: D.I.Y moss terrarium kits by Twig Terrariums and customizable miniature water tower replicas by Boundless Brooklyn.

“Get Dirty” Terrarium Party: Get your hands dirty this First Friday and build your own terrarium at Ponshop Studio and Gallery on Friday, March 6 (6-8pm), using D.I.Y. kits by Twig Terrariums. Choose between the Jurassic World terrarium (including toy dinosaurs) or the Enchanted Moss terrarium (including glow-in-the-dark butterflies) and walk out with a completed and one-of-a-kind mini mossy world. $39 includes the terrarium kit as well as quick, guided assembly. Green thumb not required.

Twig Terrariums is a Brooklyn-based studio and shop founded by artists Michelle Incinarrano and Katy Maslow, which houses a variety of made terrariums and do-it-yourself kits. Their D.I.Y. kits allow you to create your own mossy world with the provided earthly elements and easy to follow assembly and care instructions.

Boundless Brooklyn is another innovative company established in New York by friends David and Terence. They provide easy-to-assemble model water towers that allow you to add your own personal flair. Made out of 100% recycled material, these towers are great for all ages and fit perfectly on desks and shelves.

Gabriel Pons will be hosting a build-your-own Brooklyn water tower workshop on Saturday, March 21 (1-3pm).  Students will construct and paint a 10-inch tall cardboard replica of New York City’s most iconic structures. (Ages 9+)  $35 includes (1) mini tower kit and all painting materials. More about Art Classes can be found HERE.

Scarlett's Custom Dinnerware Sets

Scarlett designed an everyday, no fuss set of plates for you and your family. This is a very versatile set perfect for any meal of the day and even makes great serving platters. The set includes a 9 1/2" square dinner plate, a 7 1/2" square sandwich plate and 5" by 1 1/2" deep bowl.  All the pieces in the set are dishwasher and microwave safe.
7-Glaze-Samples_webThere are seven colors available to choose from. View the photo above for color samples:
1. Periwinkle- light blue with hints of lavender
2. Plum-deep magenta with warm grey highlights
3. Eggshell- soft cream with amber highlights
4. Floating Blue- deep brown with denim blue highlights
5. Orb Green- rich glossy green
6. Glossy Black- Deep black and very Obsidian like
7. Satin White- Classical white soft semi-glossy.
Dinner sets are made to order.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for completion. We will be sure to let you know as soon as we finish and ship your set.
Want to know why it takes 4-6 weeks? Be sure to check our Policy Page on Etsy and learn a little about the ceramic process!
Visit our Etsy Site to select your color and place your order.