Miss You NYC

The Pons family headed up to NYC in October to reunite with some old friends.  Below are pics from our romp through Manhattan:

When I Reminisce Over You...Chile 2003

Today marks the eight-year anniversary of our honeymoon trip to Chile.  Even though Scarlett and I were married in June of 2003, we decided to take an extended trek four months later to visit her mother's family in Santiago and Valparaiso.  Our true "honeymoon" included a week-long stay in Easter Island.  For some reason around this time of year I get all nostalgic for our adventure, so this time I figure I'd share some pictures.  Here's to eight years of adventure with you Scarlett, may we continue to have many more. - G

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Guatemala 2008

We spent a week in Guatemala this February to celebrate the marriage of Scarlett's sister, Grissell, to her (now husband) Didier. From the minute that we landed in Guatemala City, the vacation began - Didier's family was super accommodating and friendly and they took us to some of the most beautiful places that their country offers. Below are some brief snapshots from our travels. Thanks to the newlywed couple, their family and friends for such a memorable trip.

The Bride and Groom days before the wedding
La Familia: Alegria, Suhy, and Pons families.
Suhy Sisters
Lake Atitlan

"Playa" means Beach - not slang for "Player"....
La Policia - These guys were armed like Robocop
Tuk Tuk - 3 wheeled moto-ride...
Pollo Campero has awesome chicken....
Women in Santiago Atitlan
Diego wants to run where the streets have no name...
Los Ninos
Travelers in Antigua need a map at all times...
The Arch in Antigua, GuatemalaThe Main Square in Antigua
Antigua has a lot of Churches - most in ruins, but still very interesting.
Hotel Palacio de Dona Beatriz - Antigua. Diego eyes up the pool for a later swim adventure.
Basic rules for any public establishment....
This poor guy had to fish out one of Diego's toys that were flung into the fountain - gracias amigo!
No these kids aren't my cousins - Young Rippers in la tabla!
All dogs in this country were pretty lazy...
Every Sunday during Lent there is a citywide religious procession in Antigua.
Art piece at this super cool sushi restaurant in Antigua - Nokiate
The night before the wedding things got hectic - all the guests had arrived and the party started.
Friday Night Lights - Diego made new friends...
Minutes before the wedding, the ladies took a victory lap around Antigua with Diego.
Los muchos machos muchachos
The above video was shot as Diego got his second wind late in the night. Glow sticks and funny hats were handed out and a Shakira song dropped in sync with a smoke machine - what more could a two-year old want.