PONSHOP on YouTube

As a way to keep our blog postings new and fresh, I've incorporated a channel on YouTube to display videos featuring PONSHOP activities such as Art, Ceramics, Skateboarding, and if you're lucky some video of our son, Diego, bouncing around. The "Videos" section of our website will likely be updated with more (and different) content to compliment the site too. Basically, YouTube's videos will be more like news clips, while the PONSHOP Video Page will be our feature "films" so to speak.

Below are some of the videos that you can view on our YouTube Channel , enjoy!

This is a virtual flip-through of the latest sketchbook I've been working on. Initiated after we left NY in 2005, "Equilibrium: freshman chemistry problems and how to solve them" got hit up with all of my art artillery: acrylics, collage, spray paint, etc. I'll continue to work in this book until all 570 pages are filled.

Shot in April of 2006 and left unedited until March 2007, These clips are of Mark Eyestone of Fred Skates and me skating Brooks Park in Fredericksburg, Virginia.